Mumaris Plus Account Frequently Asked Questions and answers




1. What is Mumaris Plus?

Mumaris plus is a unified service portal for all practitioners inside Saudi Arabia.Previously practitioners were used mumaris for SCFHS services. Now they upgraded to Mumaris plus adding tons of features.

2. What are the services will i get in my mumaris plus account?

Following are the services you will get in mumaris plus account.
-Professional Classification service from inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

-Professional Registration service from inside Saudi Arabia.

-Professional Reclassification Service.
-Professional Reregistration services.
-New Qualification Study.
-issuing Training letter.
-issuing certificate of good standing.
-View earned Continuous Professional Development hours.
-Apply for the recognition of earned CPD hours.

3. Who needs to create a Mumaris Plus account?

Those who wish to work in Saudi Arabia(who never been classified or registered under SCFHS) for the first time need to open a Mumaris Plus account.

4.How to login to mumaris plus account?

Click here to login Mumaris plus account

Click to enter Mumaris plus 

5. What to do if I already have a Mumaris account(older version)?

You no need to create a Mumaris Plus account. You can log in into your Mumaris plus account by using the same username and password details of the mumaris account.

6. What to do if I have a login issue?

If you have login issue in Mumaris Plus account you need to call SCFHS helpline 920029393 or you need to contact them via tawasul service.

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7. What to do if I have registered and classified in SCFHS and dont have a prior mumaris account?

Go to forget password option in the login page. Type same email id that you have registered in SCFHS will receive a link in the email. You can set a new password.
If any technical issues call SCFHS helpline 920019393 or contact tawasul services.

8. What to do if I forget my email ID in mumaris plus account?

1.go to the login page

MUMARIS PLUS FORGET ACCOUNT 1 forget my account.MUMARIS PLUS FORGET ACCOUNT 1 will open to a page asking mobile number, type it and click ok.soon you will receive a verification code in the mobile phone.

Enter it and click next. MUMARIS PLUS FORGET ACCOUNT 3

4. It will show your email id.


9. What to do if I forget my password for Mumaris account?

1. Click on forget my password.
2.enter email id, click next. will receive an email to reset your password. Then enter a new password.

10. My account is suspended after multiple times of using a wrong password, what to do now?

Just wait for 15 minutes again try to log in.


11.Can I apply services if I am blacklisted in SCFHS?

Even if you are a blacklisted person under SCFHS, you can apply through “Appeal Management Services”.

12. Can I apply services if I forbidden from practicing inside kingdom?

No, You won’t get access to Mumaris Plus account or use its services if you are forbidden.

13.What to do if my qualification is not in my Mumaris Plus account list?

Go to the services section, apply for “new qualification study”. After your request, SCFHS will learn about your new qualification and it will be added soon into mumaris plus account.

14.What is Tawasul-Mumaris +?

This is an official service portal for practitioners inside Kingdom for asking queries with SCFHS officials.Practitioners can ask questions, follow up the application, inform about technical issues also can send suggestions.

15.How to enter Tawasul-Mumaris +?

You can enter tawasul services here

Click to enter Tawasul-Mumaris +

16.How to Query the status of the ticket Tawasul-Mumaris +?

You can check status of ticket here

Click to check Tawasul Query status 

17.How to edit personal details in mumaris plus?

Check additional services option in mumaris plus dashboard.

18.How to take appointment in saudi commission for health specialties?

Appointment Booking services for Saudi Council no longer exists.You need to apply all services through Mumaris Plus.For further queries visit Tawasul-mumaris Plus.

19.How to get my Saudi council registration certificate?

You can download your certificate through mumaris Plus.

See link-(how to download Saudi council registration certificate via mumaris plus)

20.How to renew my Saudi Council card?

You can renew your Saudi council registration card through Mumaris plus. You need to go through re-registration pathway.

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21.How to get eligibility number for saudi prometric examination?

In order to get eligibility number for Saudi Prometric you need to  do dataflow first, then follow classification pathway in Mumaris plus.

If you are confused about steps on how to get  eligibility number read here: How to get eligibility number for saudi prometric exam.

22.How to get eligibility number for dataflow Saudi ?

Dataflow is a very important step before your classification and registration. From December 14 2018 onwards no need to get a separate eligibility number from SCFHS for dataflow.You can directly start verification with dataflow.

23.How to get cme hours for saudi council renewal? help you to get online CME hours while you spending on their website. It is one of the best online CME for physicians and other working professionals.

Also you can attend medical conferences in order to get scfhs cme hours.

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24.Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses:How to Apply

Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses_How to Apply

Are you looking to work as a registered nurse in Saudi Arabia? Then you need to clear Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses(SNLE) under Saudi Commission for health specialities.

See steps to apply:How to Apply Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses.

25.How to retrieve login details of old Mumaris account and open Mumaris plus?

Many practitioners not remembering their email id and login details of their old Mumaris account. So they unable use lot of useful practitioner services like issuance of good standing certificate,renewal of Saudi card etc.


See steps to retrieve:How to retrieve login details of old Mumaris account.

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