Mumaris plus login problems and how to fix

This post is all about common mumaris plus login issues and solutions to fix it.


If you are a new practitioner then you need to create a new mumaris plus account.

It is just a simple procedure it will take only 5 minutes. We posted the same in our website before.
mumaris plus login

I have a mumaris account in past but not remembering the password.i unable to login mumaris plus.what to do?

Before mumaris plus there was only¬† mumaris portal for practitioner’s services.As per scfhs you need to use same credentials to enter mumaris plus account.So you need to try forget password option.mumaris plus login problem forget password
Please note that you need to use same email id that you used in mumaris account.

If you are using a new email ID then you will not reach in your real mumaris plus account.Later you will be able to recover your account .Mumaris plus login problems and how to fix

I have a previous mumaris account but I forgot the username and password.How to fix?

Go to your mumaris plus portal-
Try to use forget my account option.mumaris plus login problem forget account
It will direct you to type your phone number.Make sure to type same mobile number that you used in mumaris account in past.
So you will receive 6 number code, type it. You will see your username.
Using this username use forget password option. Later you can recover your account.

I have mumaris account but using same details unable to login in mumaris plus.what to do?

If you fail forget password and forget account recovery options, then you need to to call their customer support(920019393).

Give your old email id, and it will updated in scfhs database.
Later try forget password option,then create a new password and recover it.

I am a registered nurse working inside Kingdom, I don’t have any mumaris or mumaris plus account.what to do?

Some practitioner’s maybe working for long years inside Kingdom,they may not be aware about mumaris or mumaris plus account.What they have is their registration card only.
In this case they need to call Saudi Commission (920019393)then give them Saudi Council registration number, email id,update there.

later use forget password option, type email ID, you will get option to create new password.
Enter mumaris plus using new email id and password.
If you have any queries, ask in the comment section. thank you.