How to retrieve login details of old Mumaris account and open Mumaris plus

Mumaris plus is an important portal service for all practitioners working in Saudi Arabia.


In the beginning scfhs introduced Mumaris system later they upgraded to Mumaris Plus system.Now it is necessary for every practitioners to open a new account in Mumaris Plus portal.

Mumaris plus login issues

Many practitioners not remembering their email id and login details of their old Mumaris account. So they unable use lot of useful practitioner services like issuance of good standing certificate,renewal of Saudi card etc.

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Information needed to retrieve old mumaris account

Those who are already have account in past and not remembering their username and password,it’s very easy for them to retrieve their account.


The only data needed is there Saudi Council card number or their iqama number.

Following are the steps to retrieve your old Mumaris Account

1. Go to the link:
2. In next page,you need to click on retrieve your data.

mumaris account login problem3. It will open you a new page. You need to enter your saudi council card number or Iqama number.

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open mumaris plus account

4. Soon it will show your original old mumaris account.
5. It will show the email id and you can go for forget password option.


6. If you have any issues you can contact customer support(tawasul-mumaris plus) and make a ticket.
7. Use the same credentials to enter mumaris plus account.