How to create a new account in Mumaris plus(2022)

This post is all about how to create new mumaris plus account very fast.Mumaris Plus is a unified portal for all practitioners who wish to work in Saudi Arabia.
how to open mumaris plus account login


Any new applicant who never been classified or registered in Saudi Commission for health specialities need to open a Mumaris Plus account.

How to create a new mumaris plus account

1.Go to login page-

2.Click on signup button.

3.Enter first name and last name exactly similar to your iqama ID/Passport ID.

4.Enter your email ID and confirm it.


5. Type a password 8 letter, and reconfirm it.

6. Soon you will receive a mail in your official email ID.

7. Click on activate account.

how to open mumaris plus account login2

8. That’s it!! now you activated Mumaris Plus account.

9.Go to mumaris plus login page. Enter credentials. Now you have created your mumaris Plus account.

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