Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses:How to Apply

Are you looking to work as a registered nurse in Saudi Arabia? Then you need to clear Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses(SNLE) under Saudi Commission for health specialities.


You can apply for nursing technician or nursing specialist.This post will explain how to apply for it.

What is Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses(SNLE)?

You need to pass saudi prometric examination by Saudi commission for health specialities,in order to work as a registred nurse in the Saudi arabia.

What is the duration of SNLE?

Exam duration will be three hours, in multiple choice formats, with scheduled breaks.
Exam is divided into two parts 75 questions each with the time allocation of 90 minutes for each part.

There will be 15 minute break between two parts.You need to choose the best answer from four multiple choices.

What they will test in SNLE?

They will test knowledge, interpretation skills, analysis, clinical decision making, problem solving and reasoning.Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses_How to Apply

Where you can schedule date for Saudi prometric examination?

After getting eligibility number you need to visit Prometric website and schedule your date.

Who is eligible for Saudi Prometric examination for nursing?

Those who completed their primary degree from a recognised University(BSc Nursing), and having required experience.

What are the topics for Saudi Prometric examination for nurses?

Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses questions Saudi Prometric Examination For Nurses topics


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How to apply for Saudi Prometric for nurses?

1. Dataflow

You need to do dataflow of your primary degree to get primary source verification report. It will be in PDF format and password protected. You need to upload it whenever it needed.

2. Create Mumaris plus account.

You need to create a mumaris plus account to start your processing.
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3. Start classification pathway

Inside mumaris Plus you need to choose classification pathway and upload the documents.

4. Get eligibility number for Saudi Prometric examination

After review they will issue eligibility number. It may take 6 weeks.

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5. Schedule your examination date from Prometric

After getting eligibility number you need to visit Prometric website to schedule your examination.

You need to choose nursing technician or nursing specialist as per your primary degree. You should be very careful while choosing the options.

6. Choose your nearest Prometric locations

Prometric have locations around the world. You need to type your location it will show your nearby Prometric centres.

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7. Pass your examination

After around two weeks you will receive Prometric pass paper.


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8. Complete classification pathway.

After passing your examination they will issue you a a classification certificates in nursing technician or nursing specialist.