How to download Saudi council registration certificate via mumaris plus

In order to practice medical profession inside Saudi Arabia you need to register in the Saudi Commission for health specialities.


Soon after passing Prometric examination you need to apply for classification and registration. Once authorities approve your request they will issue a professional registration and classification record.

How to download Saudi council registration certificate

Recently Saudi Commission upgraded their services by introducing mumaris Plus.You can download your saudi council professional registration certificate through mumaris Plus.

How to download Saudi council registration certificate

    1. Login to mumaris plus account-
    2. Enter username and password.
    3. In the left side you can see my certificates option,choose it.

  1. Here you can find your professional classification and registration record.
  2. Click on download certificate. You can download it in PDF format.

You can also download certification of recognition, training letter and good standing certificate if you had applied for it before.

If you are under sponsorship of husband, wife ,father then you will receive only professional classification certificate.

Once you transfer sponsorship into a health facility, Iqama status will be authorised to work so you can apply for registration.

Professional classification can be done even from outside Saudi arabia.

(Source-SCFHS official)

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