How to get cme hours for saudi council renewal


Are you looking cme hours for saudi council renewal? In order to renew your Saudi Council you need to get enough cme hours.

CME hours meaning

cme means continuing medical education. This refers to collectively all the activities that will help and maintain medical professionals improve their competence and knowledge. This credit will be counted as hours and it will be added into “Saudi Commission for health specialities cme hours”.

online cme accredited by saudi council

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How to get scfhs cme?

Saudi Commission for health specialities authority that will issue classification and registration for practitioners. You can acquire online CME accredited by Saudi Council by visiting

Get Uptodate cme hours for saudi council renewal help you to get online CME hours while you spending on their website. It is one of the best online CME for physicians and other working professionals.

Uptodate subscription plans for Saudi arabia

Unfortunately you need to buy their subscription plans through their website. You can access the website through mobile application also.

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I’ve tried to know physician subscription plans in Saudi Arabia. Prices are given in US dollars.

UpToDate Monthly Recurring Subscription


$53.00 ($1.77 / day)

UpToDate Online 1 Year

$519.00 ($1.42 / day)

UpToDate Online 2 Years

$929.00 ($1.27 / day)

UpToDate Online 3 Years

$1,229.00 ($1.12 / day)

CME credits for physicians

Physicians get CME credits from while they reading their contents. Some Institutions will purchase their subscriptions, and will provide to physicians and other professionals. Soon you can see  your browsing time and earning hours. One hour of reading topic will considered as 1 credit.

How to calculate scfhs cme?

Scfhs only allow you to earn 10 cme hours per year from for each physician during his is registration period. You will be able to group only your credits into one single certificate. Any certificate less than 1cme power will not be accepted by scfhs.

How to check cme hours?

You can check your CME how was through mumaris plus portal.
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Your mumaris Plus account will show how much you acquired and how much you need.


What are the other easier ways you can earn scfhs cme hours?

You need to attend medical conferences in order to get cme hours.
A lot of medical conferences are conducting inside Saudi Arabia by many institutions every year. Search in Google as cme hours in khobar,cme jeddha,cme riyadh etc.