Saudi Licensing Exam For General Practitioners(2023):Steps to Apply

“Step by step guide how you can work as a general practitioner in Saudi Arabia.The same steps applicable to all other medical professionals as well”



You will get information on how to proceed with data flow, create a new account in mumaris plus, issue of eligibility number, fee for prometric examination etc.

Saudi medical licensing examination for general practitioner

To work as a general practitioner doctor inside Saudi Arabia you need to write Saudi medical licensing examination or SMLE .Later you need to register under Saudi commission and they will issue the licence.

Work as a general practitioner in Saudi arabia-Eligibility,dataflow,prometric step by step guide.

Saudi medical licensing examination-FAQs

1.What will be the duration of SMLE?

They will be 300 multiple choice questions, 6 hours duration.

2.What is the pass score needed?

60% for MO, 70% for specialist n 80% for consultants

Score 560 or 60 percent.

Step by step process SMLE :

Step 1: Data flow

Dataflow Group is the official Verifying partner for Saudi Commission.You need to verify all your documents with dataflow. It includes your original degree certificate, Complete work experiences etc.They will issue verification report in PDF form.

Data flow saudi FAQs:

1.How much experience needed to apply for Saudi medical licensing examination for GPs?

You need an experience of 1 year post house job.

2.How much time it will take to finish dataflow Saudi?

It will take about to 2 to 8 weeks, to finish dataflow.

3.How to visit dataflow saudi website?

Saudi Commission for Health Specialities: Log in-

Read steps here:<<How to do dataflow verification for Saudi Prometric exam>>

Step 2: Create new account in Mumaris plus

Mumaris Plus is a unified portal for all the practitioners inside the Saudi. it is the one stop destiny for all the services from Saudi Commission for health specialities. you can easily update your personal data, apply for eligibility number, classification and registration services etc.through the Mumaris plus.

a.You need to create a new account in Mumaris plus.


See post here-<<How to create a mumaris plus account>>

b.Soon after creating account it willl show you,You need to do professional classification.Start the pathway, Update your personal details, then start uploading your documents.

documents Needed:

Original degree certificate.
Certificate of registration Issued by the authority.
Transcript of your qualification.
Passport size photo.
Your passport copy.
Iqama copy If you are staying inside Saudi Arabia.

Current sponsor identification letter(if u are dependant in saudi/under a employer came in visa)

Pay 200 riyals as administration charges to proceed,later it will take 2 weeks to 2 months to review Application.Pay another 900 riyals to move further.You can use SADAD payment if you stay inside Saudi arabia.

How to pay SADADSee post here – >>SADAD payment mumaris plus<<

They will issue eligibility number to write exam(Update will come in email,also visit mumaris plus frequently). The Examination will be with Prometric and it will show validity of eligibility number also.

More Read:<<Mumaris plus frequently asked questions and answers>>

10.Visit Prometric website .You can schedule your exam date using eligibility number.

Step 3: Write Prometric examination:

1.You need to visit Prometric examination website Look for availability.

2.Choose your examination as Saudi Commission for health specialities(SMLE).

3.Type your eligibility number, first four letters of your last name.

4.Schedule your date

5.Fee will be 280 dollars.

6.Results will be published within 2 to 6 weeks.

SMLE Prometric examination-FAQs:

1.How many attempts are allowed to clear SMLE examination?

There will be 3 attempts in one year If you are sitting examination from outside KSA.Same time if you are appearing examinaton inside the KSA,3 attempts in 6 months duration.

2.What are the main study sources for Saudi medical licensing examination for GPs?.

SMLE 13 mainly with UQU 4.

Aditional read:Master of the board 2,Uworld questions,Toronto notes for higher scores.

Step 4:Download Saudi Commission for health specialities classification certificate

You can download classification certificate from Mumaris plus.

Step 4:Hunt job

Try for visa or Local transfer

Step 5:Registration under SCFHS

Once you under sponsorship of any institution,Try registration pathway.Finally you wil get classification& registration certificate from scfhs.


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