How To Check Saudi Prometric Exam Date Availability Very Fast

How do I schedule a Prometric exam in Saudi Arabia? Well,Are you searching for your prometric exam dates?

Then here is the  step by step instructions you can follow to find the nearest available prometric exam dates and location.
If you already have a “eligibility numberfrom your mumaris plus you can schedule your SMLE exam through these steps.

Step By Step How To Check Saudi Prometric Exam Date Availability

1. To Look for Prometric dates availability, follow the link->Click Here<
2.Later click on Locate.
saudi prometric exam
3. Choose your country, where you want to write your prometric exam.

prometric saudi exam dates NURSES

4. It will move to next page, click on next.

prometric saudi exam AVAILABILITY

5. It is the time for appointment selection so choose your speciality, for example here we are choosing General practice-SMLE Prometric exam.

prometric saudi exam

6. After choosing your speciality ,click next.
7. Enter your location, for example:Riyadh

prometric saudi

8. It will show all the nearest locations, along with Google Maps. Click on availability for your Prometric date.

prometric nurses saudi

9. Click on a particular date to see the timings, and to schedule your appointment.Saudi Medical Licensure Examination (SMLE) duration is 6 hours 45 minutes.
saudi prometric examsaudi prometric exam

If you already got a eligibility number(How to get it), you can proceed to next step to get your Prometric exam dates.