Top 25 Facts About The Palm Islands In Dubai

The Dubai are undoubtedly one of the most hilarious tourist spot. There are three artificial, yet marvelous islands adorning the coastal part of Dubai, namely— Palm Jumeirah, Palm Sheikh Ali, Palm Deirra islands.


The Dubai Palm Islands elaborately explain the might of money mingled with human creativity. palm islands view

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai! —The first thing that strike the mind after pronouncing or thinking about this city is the luxurious mode of living, the skyscrapers, the hotels, the restaurants.

Whoa! And the Palm islands surrounded by mesmerizing beachfront villas, spacious and amazing Resorts, hotels and restaurants with appetizing food menus, waterparks, marinas, exclusive shopping malls, etc. makes Dubai as well as the UAE.

Apart from these, there are various significant facts about the wonderful Palm Islands that one must be aware of:

1.The Palm Islands is by far the best illustration of human’s unprecedented efforts and the infrastructure is just inimitable. These are the man-made artificial islands.

2.It is constructed under the Nakheel Properties and a brainchild of Sheikh  Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum.

3.The entire islands cover an area of seven million square meters.

4.The Palm islands are considered as the world’s largest man-made islands.

5.The makers involve in more than 100 studies and thorough researches to determine the feasibility of the project and prepare a robust as well as organized plan for constructing the islands.

6.The Palm islands is comprised of several islands merged together. However, the awesome thing to know is that all these islands are arranged in such a synchronized way that they resemble the shape of a palm tree  (best seen from an upper place or top of any building).

7.To check the stability and consistency of the islands, highly professional and qualified divers were employed before any sort of construction.

8.It costs almost $12 billion to create and craft such a vast and amazing artificial island. And the supportive infrastructure involved is of high quality having bonafide base.

9.And you know it’s interesting to see the Dubai Palm islands from the space with naked eyes. And guess what the view is just amazing. Very few islands in the world present this feature.


10.Not only the Palm Islands, but the whole surroundings also which consist of exquisite villas, hotels, etc. are the finest pieces for relaxation and enjoyment.

11.To make this artificial island resemble exactly like a real one, more than 12,000 plants were bought from the nursery and sown in the soil.

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12.There is also a breakwater and is composed of sand and Geo textile fibers along with some small and medium rocks to make it stand erect and durable.

Thus, this breakwater act as a shield and protect the shore from any natural calamities such as storms, typhoons, etc. This crescent-shaped breakwater has a 100 meter wide opening which allows the water to drain off preventing accumulation or stagnation.

There is a 6meter boardwalk too which is famous for its fantastic sunset stroll. At the same time, the boardwalk stretches the length of the boardwalk.

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13.Apart from the ultra-luxurious hotels, there are various small and big rented residences available for affordable experience. It will allow you to enjoy to the fullest in a pocket-friendly manner.

14.The Dubai Palm is connected with the mainland through a bridge.

15.The Dubai Palm is constructed in an eco-friendly manner. About 32 million cubic meters of sand were utilized in constructing the islands. However, these sands were collected from the ocean floor. Besides, about 7 million tons of rocks are also employed in this island taken from the nearby Hajar mountains. It is astonishing to inform that almost 120 million cubic meters of stuffs were picked from the core of the water bodies. In  this way, the natural resources are introduced in the perfect quantity.

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16.In fact, the amount of materials required to  build the Palm Islands are capable of constructing a 2-meter wide robust wall all around the globe circling it three times.

17.As a tourist, one can indulge itself in the various water-related recreational as well as adventurous activities like scuba-diving, snorkeling, and so on.

18.To bring out the perfect structure of the Palm Islands, Hi-Tech GPS (Global Positioning System) and Vibro-compaction technology were introduced by the expert engineers. In this way, the stuffs are arranged in the perfect manner having pinpoint accuracy.

19.The island is extended for about 560 hectares of reclaimed land. However, the finished area of the islands is equivalent to the area of 600 football pitches and four times bigger than the London’s Hyde Park.

20.It took almost six long years and continuous efforts to complete such a huge project. The project started from the year 2001. The first residents to this island moved in seven years later. Nowadays, the Islands consist of 6000 apartments and 1500 beachfront mansions or villas in the 17 fronds.

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21.Donald Trump was about to build a sixty storeyed tower, that could stand as one of the masterpieces, on the land of these exquisite Islands. However, due to the global financial crisis in the year 2012, the plan was dropped. And Nakheel opened the Al Ittihad Park on the same site proposed by Trump.Palm Islands In Dubai satellite view nasa


22.There was a temporary 6-lane tunnel too that links the trunk to the crescent 25 meter below sea level. To build the tunnel,  2,00,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 30,000 tons of reinforcing steel, and 1,10,000 tons of rocks to construct this tunnel. Besides, two 1.2 km long dykes were also constructed for making a dam.

23.There is also an underwater themed resort named as Atlantis The Palm. This grand resort constitutes of sprawling waterpark and more than 1500 luxurious rooms as well as grand suites.

24.There is also a mainrail— railway system of transportation to go to and fro of the mainland from the Palm Islands.

25.Two more palm shaped islands were about to build in the Palm islands in Dubai. However, due to financial crisis and some other negative reasons, the plan fell foul.