Dubai food restaurants with best taste|Machboos,lamb drumstick

Dubai foods are enough to trigger the food soul within you. If you get a chance to visit Dubai, then do visit Al Fanar Restaurant, Dunya Al Sham Pastry  & many more.


Just Reached Dubai? Visit These Ultimate Places for Food

The magnificent city of Dubai lies not only in its skyscrapers or urban settings, but the thing is that it is a place that holds many cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Words are not enough to describe its cusines

If you are planning a trip to Dubai or you have just reached in Dubai, then you might be wondering what is on the platter for you. Isn’t it? Obviously yes! Many people travel to Dubai to eat delicious foods.

Machboos is one of the national dishes of UAE, and you can find this dish in every restaurant. With an amalgamation of Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic dishes, the Dubai food will leave you yearning for more! You can’t overlook the tempting flavors that Dubai cuisine has in store for you.

Here are the popular places that you must visit for delighting your taste buds when you visit Dubai.

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Al Fanar Restaurant

middle east cusines

Al Fanar restaurant is the only fully Emirati food restaurants in Dubai. The titillating fragrance of the delicacies of this restaurant will give you a foodgasm! The titillating of the essence delicacies of this restaurant will provide you with a foodgasm!

You can find a list of cuisines available over there.

best dubai foods


Some of the treats you must give it a try are Luqaimat, Thardi, Madrooba, and Balaleet. The gastronomical delights available here will make your stomach rumble with hunger.

The coffee available at the restaurant will leave you awestruck due to its taste and serving method!

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Dunya Al Sham Pastry

Have you ever wonder that a cup of tea can give you an extra boost in the scorching sun? The Karak( a kind of tea) is a little bit sugary, but it can rejuvenate energy within you.

tea in dubai

Karak is a popular drink of Dunya Al Sham pastry restaurant, and it is originally adapted from India. So, if you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, then don’t miss to take sips of Karak.

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At night around 9 p.m., this place is equipped by many people. Therefore, you can imagine the popularity of this drink. 

Al Marhabani Restaurant

This restaurant gives a royal feel. Upstairs, you can see several private rooms. You can enjoy your meal with your family or friends in this restaurant. The traditional dining table is arranged in every individual room.

arabic rice and meat

Some of the mouth-watering delights of this restaurant are Lamb drumstick, chicken with rice, tomato puree, and yogurt.

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These foods taste so yum that you will feel like you are out of the world after having these delicacies.


Al Labeel Grocery

dubai street food

Al Labeel Grocery is a little gem of a shop. This place is famous for making some Dubai street food style creeps with cheese and fish. The Regar bread tastes so awesome that you will crave for more. Its preparation is quite interesting to see. 

Food is something that can enhance the mood of a person. So, whenever you get a chance to visit Dubai, don’t forget to reach these esteemed restaurants that serve extraordinary delights.