Best restaurants in jumeirah for food lovers


Those of you who are always on the look-out for aroma filled and tempting restaurants; this post is made just for you! If you are planning a trip to Dubai or are a resident, you must surely be aware of Jumeirah – the food delights that await you, the whiff of food, scrumptious desserts etc. 

For all you foodies looking forward to a trip to Jumeirah, here we have given you a list of restaurants in Jumeirah which are an absolute must-visit. 

1.Maya Mexican Kitchen and Bar –

If you are looking for deep rooted traditions and Mexican, Latin cuisine, this is the restaurant in Jumeirah that you should be headed for.Best restaurants in Jumeirah for Food lovers

They are located on the beachside which gives it a quaint feel. If you plan an evening here, you must try out the Mexican classics like their fresh guacamole, fresh tortillas and tacos with fillings to make you swoon.

They also have live music which is fun and also give their visitors options of gluten free diets, vegan choice as well as vegetarian. 


Al Mamsha Street Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

2.Turkish Village Restaurant and Café –

If you are looking for a Middle Eastern taste, this is the restaurant in Jumeirah that you need to go to. It is well known for its kebabs and mouth watering desserts.

Best restaurants in Jumeirah for Food lovers

Simple yet elegant it has a varied menu which is presented with pictures and thus helps you in your selection. The staff is helpful and very friendly and since it is very near to the Jumeirah grand Mosque it is easy to find. 



3.Samad Al Iraqi –


Are you looking for Iraqi cuisine? Try this out – An ethnic Iraqi restaurant in Jumeirah with a lovely ambience. It is popular for its Dolma, Magloba, Maskoof, Khouzi, Geemar, Kahi and Kubba.Best restaurants in Jumeirah for Food lovers

With a friendly staff and flexibility of takeout too, it is a must try restaurant for any foodie. It is also conveniently located opposite to the Beach Park. 



4.Coya Dubai –

The Coya is a world renowned brand which brings the Incan heritage. This restaurant in Jumeirah creates a culinary menu with creative Peruvian cuisine.

Best restaurants in Jumeirah for Food lovers

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The amazing dishes, drinks and décor will make you want to come for more. The staff is well known for their hospitality and friendly nature. It’s quite near to the Dubai Fountain and easily approachable. 


5.Masti Cocktails and Cuisine –

If you are looking for something different and with a twist try this restaurant in Jumeirah. ‘Masti’ essentially means something fun or mischievous. It brings in tradition but with a colorful and modern flavor.


It represents a new kind of Indian menu with a contemporary twist and global flavors. Conveniently located on Jumeirah Road, they are ‘one of a kind’ place that foodies must try. 

Jumeirah – The Food Lover’s Paradise


Restaurants in Jumeirah are popular for their creative and qualitative cuisine. The above list of restaurants is not a comprehensive list. You still have a wide choice of fine dining, signature restaurants, bars, lounges and even night life.

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Just drop in, follow your heart and discover your own gastronomic delight. If possible you should head to Jumeirah during the Dubai Food Festival 2020. You will not be disappointed!