10 Upcoming Supertall Buildings in the World

Upcoming Supertall Buildings sinagaporeThe skyline of the world today is dotted with several high rises. While there are many structures that have been around for years, some more supertall projects are being constructed in different parts of the world.


These buildings are magnificent, elegant and are well equipped with ultra-modern facilities. They stand a wonderful testimony to the stunning design of modern architecture. Here are some of them:

Goldin Finance 117 

Goldin Finance 117 under construction

Also referred to as China 117 tower, the 117 storied skyscraper is expected to have a height of 597 m (1959 ft). Upon completion in 2020, it will become the second tallest building in China and the 5th one in the world.

The upcoming structure, designed to resemble a walking stick, will have a diamond shaped top, which will make it the tallest flat roofed structure in the world.

Central Park Tower

Central Park Tower super tall buildings

Slated to become the tallest residential tower in the world, the structure will rise 472 m (1550 feet).

An architectural landmark, the elegant building is located in New York Billionaires’ Row and will be the second tallest building in the United States.

Suzhou IFS

Positioned on the East of Jinji Lake, Suzhou, China, this is a 92 storied 452 m skyscraper.Suzhou IFS tall tower under construction

It is a multipurpose building that houses offices, hotels and apartments. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2019 and aims to be a distinctive landmark on the city’s skyline. 

The Exchange 106

Exchange 106 tall tower upcoming

The 106 floor building in Kuala Lumpur is topped with a 12-storey illuminated crown extending its height to 452 m (1483 ft).

The skyscraper is under construction and is slated to be the tallest building in Malaysia upon completion in 2020. 

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Riverview Plaza A1


Riverview Plaza A1 upcoming tall towerIt is a supertall skyscraper in Wuhan, China. The construction of the upcoming building started in 2013 and is expected to be completed in 2020.

The stunning and sleek building is expected to have 73 floors and rise up to 330 m. 

111 West 57th Street111 West 57th Street under construction

The 82 floors, 435 m (1428 ft) supertall residential tower is located in New York and will be completed in 2020.

An impressive condominium tower in the Manhattan skyline, the building will offer breathtaking views of the Central Park.

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Diamond Tower

diamond tower under construction

It is a residential supertall building in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Upon completion in 2019, it will become one of the tallest premium residential properties in the world.

When completed, it will be the only structure to twist to a full 360 degrees along its tall height. The design of the building is very intriguing and interesting, and is sure to draw lot of onlookers.

Dongguan International Trade Center 1

Dongguan International Trade Center 1 construction

Located in Guangdong, China, the supertall skyscraper will have a height of 427 m (1401 ft). It is slated to be completed in 2019.

Its position in the important industrial city is of great importance to the area’s commercial aspect.

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Nanning China Resources Tower

Nanning China Resources Tower under construction

A supertall structure in the fast growing region of Guangxi, China, the building will rise to 445 m (1450 ft). Upon completion, the building will be the tallest in the region. 

Abu Dhabi Plaza

Abu Dhabi Plaza upcoming tall building



With 78 floors and a height of 382 m, the upcoming tower is slated to be the tallest building in Central Asia.

It will comprise residential, office and accommodation spaces. The building had caught fire due to unexplained reasons in 2016. Work resumed soon again and it is slated to be completed in 2020.  

These are just some of the skyscrapers scheduled to be completed in 2019-2020. There are many more that are under construction and will be completed in the next few years.