Edge of The World: A Mysteriously Fascination Destination in Riyadh

The Arabian desert has made a position to be holding a mysterious collection of places in store for centuries now. Marvelous architecture, deep routed culture, religious places were in the top list in Saudi already.


But slowly and gradually mysterious places are evolving, because people are accessing offbeat places. With the adventurous side showing out of the trekkers, unexplored lands are explored and views like never before are coming out. 

Edge of The World amazing view
Edge of The World(credit)

One of the most talked-about, beautiful destination has emerged in the top travel list in Riyadh. Edge of the World, originally named as Jebel Fihryan, in a few years became the most popular destination.

It got its nickname because of the jaw dropping view offered from the top of the 30 meters cliff overlooking the surrounding plain.

Hidden Gem 90 km outside Riyadh Saudi Arabia 

This destination is part of Jibal Tuwaiq who drops down to about 1000 feet into the ocean bed and sun hidden beneath the cliff. Also, it is said to be prominent natural wonders of Saudi Arabia.

This location has served an as important part of the historical times of Saudi. And now, Edge of the world have immerged out of it, which is about 90 km outside Riyadh, that takes probably 15 hours to reach.

While standing on the top of the cliff, you’ll spot dread rivers, camels around and challenging paths. 

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A New Tourist Attraction in the Making

During the years, this site has become the most popular amongst expats. People from all over the world visit this destination, even though it is very difficult to make it to the top.

To spend ample time, it is ideal to leave early in the morning as the journey takes about 2 hours minimum. The incomparable view offered, and sight never seen before creates an urge to visit this destination.Edge of The World beauty

This place is almost crowded on weekends, which is why the ideal time is to go on a weekday and spend a great time here.

Travelers are seen going in a huge group with multiple cars because that’s the only way to trek the journey safely. 

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Through Treacherous Path to an Enchanting view

Edge of the world should not be an attempt, other than a vehicle that has a lasting capacity. As the road to this destination requires you to cross various dirt track, rocky surface, barren land, narrow lanes, and potholes.

If you are a pro in driving on such roads, then you can consider it as an adventurous journey, but don’t forget to carry spare tires, repair kit and fuel up the tank.


The safest measure is to go with a group of people and be surrounded by cars around, so you have a backup by all means. Because there is no other option once you reach the top. Carrying snacks like food & water in bulk is a must, this can help you stay hydrated and fresh. 

Endless Walking Post the Desert Trek

You will cover the route throughout till the desert trek in the car. However, this won’t be the ideal point of Edge of the world destination. To reach the edge, an ample amount of walking, climbing, and strength is required.

So, gear up yourself, apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses, a hat, carry a handy water bottle and move.

With your people, you will love your time crossing miles, watching views, going through lush green trees, explore the wildlife of the place.

It will be like a trek you have never done in your life, it’s scary, risky but you are lost in the charm of the place. 

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Cautious Climb Because of No warning Signs 

If you like trekking and it is like a passion that you hold, you will love your time climbing the mountain.

But care should be given while climbing as there are no signs or warning signals or iron fencing. Wildlife, vegetation, lush green trees, cliff views are a treasured thing, wrapped a secret in this naturally charming destination.

Arrangements are made to protect the area and make it a popular tourist attraction.Edge of The World riyadh

Being of being recently discovered, the protection needed around the area isn’t done yet. But sooner or later, signs boards will be seen for travelers for trekking the path safely. 

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Panoramic view of the plain 

Edge of the world is such a point that offers deep steep edges that can give you goosebumps. On a foggy day, you will notice a white bed of clouds laying under the cliff, a sight never saw before.

The best time to visit this destination is during winters & fall as the temperature is warm and cool.

It is an ideal time to cover the journey well and not feel tired at all. It provides a panoramic view of the plain below you, making it an unforgettable, most adventuresome journey in your Arabian trip.

It is like a new world, a new place, an attraction near Riyadh that you could have never imagined in your life. 

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Leave Before 6 Pm or Get Stuck for Whole Night

Time passes too quickly here because of expiring so many things around the place. While returning home, the dessert track can be very risky to cross especially in the night time.

People tend to wait back till the sunset because the view offered is mesmerizing and it keeps you indulge for a long time, the cloud setting, colors of the sky is a heaven on earth experience.

However, night trek can be risky and if you don’t make it till 6, you will end up stuck there the whole night. All track leads to acacia valley which closes the gate sharp at 6.00 pm by rangers. If you don’t make it on time, spending your whole night at acacia valley will be the only option left for you.