Top 10 Historic Places In Saudi Arabia You Must Visit

Religious tourism is already the most renowned tourism in Saudi Arabia. But as the vision of Saudi is expanding for 2023, the tourism sector seems to see multiple other investments from the government.


Although the pilgrimage of Islam will tend to be highly dominating, there are other historical monuments and structures too that grabs a lot of visitors from around the globe.

Historic Places In Saudi Arabia1
Al Hijr

These historic places in Saudi Arabia do get merit attention from the tourist, because of the fascinating and unique appeals that it offers to the eye. 

Here Is the Look at the Top 10 Historic Places in Saudi Arabia


This historically magnificent site receives more attention than the other historical sites, thus is ranked on the top list after the pilgrim places.

The Nabateans that once rules the Arab people, left a few impressive architectural as a reminder of their civilization times.

This beautiful site is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi with about 111 tombs, out of which few are decorated with a freshwater well. Overall making this historical monument a perfectly picturesque location. 

2.Najran’s Traditional Architecture

If you want to experience traditional architecture, visit the enchanting Najran situated in the southwest part of Saudi, a little close by to the border of Yemen. The adobe and brick architecture is worth watching there, which is the specialty of the monument.

These buildings have a traditional name as Midmakh buildings, a few of which are expected to be 100 years old. The curiosity to watch the old art is what attracts most of the tourists.


This historic places in Saudi Arabia stand 153 km north side of the stunning Medina. Thus making it the most visited destination. During the historic times, the major population here was Jewish until the 7th century A.D.

The lush and peaceful setting, beautiful color and pillars of the architecture, and the sense of Jewishness rooted deep in the place. Together sums up to making it an important stop for the trade route between Levant as well as Yemen.

4.Jubba Paleolithic Kingdom

Another fascinating location, situated neat the small and peaceful town of Jubba is the Jubba Paleolithic Kingdom.

This place is highly famous for the uniqueness rock art that depicts the people and animals that were belonging to the place for about 7000 years back. The place holds the charm of the past of Saudi Arabia, and the small town has a lot of other exciting tours to be visited too. 


5.Masmak Fort

This monument was built around 1865, and the person who conquered this location was Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal Al Saud, during 1902.

The reason this place was been take over by him was his intention towards making it as the base to connect the current day kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To preserve the richness of the history of this site, it has been transformed into a museum and named as the birthplace of the modern nation of Saudi. 

6.Al-Haram Mosque

One of the purest most beautiful mosques in Saudi is Al Haram that is said to be the holiest of all. Muslims from all around the globe do visit the dark glowing mosque during the last month of the Islamic calendar.

It is believed in the Islam religion that it is the binding duty on Muslims to visit this holy mosque at least once in their lifetime.

The mosque was built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail solely for the Muslims to worship. 

7.Jubbat Ha’il

This ranks as one amongst the popular top 10 historic places in Saudi Arabia. It is said to have the largest and the most magnificent archeological sites, still secured, still as beautiful as pure as the olden times.

Jubbat Ha’il is the rock series illustration and some sort of pattern that is spread over at a very large space.

It is spread throughout the Sanman mountains along with the other neighboring mountains. Thus, making this destination quite a popular one with a large area covered. 

8.Ibrahim Palace

The specialty of this gorgeous white palace is the history of Saudi revealed from this palace 100’s of years ago.

There are so many eye watching things present in the palace that depicts the different civilization Saudi has gone through.

It has a Turkish bathtub of the golden old times and a brilliant white palace. With that, it also has a jail that was used highly for saving a citizen of the old-time from the harm done by wrongdoers by putting them in jail. 

9.Jawatha Mosque

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this mosque was a few of the oldest mosque built in Saudi Arabia during the 629 AD.

There are many of the mosques that have just disappeared, because of the heavy construction, or because of it is the situation in the mountains that are hard to climb. But this mosque is pretty accessible and is the oldest amongst all the mosques in east Saudi.

The purity of the mosque is such that, a pilgrim from all around the globe always wish to visit the mosque and pray their Namaaz at least once. 

10.Al Turaif District

Being the first most capital of Saudi, this beautifully located city was discovered in the early 15th century. Overall the place in the district was built in Najdi style architecture.


This is one thing that makes it historically important and a special tool. It was the uniqueness of the design and the carving that gets a huge number of visitors here.

The tourist as well can discover fabulous remains of the palace, the rich art, furniture, and other stuff. All of this reminds the traditional ancient Saudi life at that time. 

Visiting Saudi and not visiting these historic places in Saudi Arabia could leave you in deep regret. These places hold the richness of the place, depicts the culture, tradition, art and long-lost beauty of Saudi.