Abu Dhabi Big ticket: Amazing facts & factoids you must know

The Abu Dhabi Big Ticket is one of the largest raffle draw events that operate out of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.


Held in Abu Dhabi, this raffle draw competition offers amazing cash prizes and luxury cars to its winners. Some of the best BMW, Jaguar and Corvette series are offered as prizes.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket logo

Winning the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket gives you a chance to win millions of dirhams and be richie rich in no time.

This draw is held once a month and tickets can easily be purchased either online or from other trusted sources in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What is the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket?

Once you buy the Big Ticket, you will secure a six digit raffle number in your name. The day when the draw is held, all the raffle numbers purchased till date are put into a big barrel and the guest of honor is asked to pick up the coveted ticket.

If the raffle number on the ticket chosen matches with that of yours, then viola! You win! 

Well, do not be disheartened if lady luck does not favor you. You are eligible to win numerous smaller prizes, which are also offered at the event. 

The best part of the lottery system is that there is no minimum and maximum count to the tickets you can purchase.

You can buy as many tickets you want. It just increases your probability of winning. However, you cannot buy the tickets for the special draw, that is, the tickets that will fetch you your dream cars if you win, more than once.

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The authorities of this competition announce the number of available tickets on the day they are put on sale. Abu Dhabi Big Ticket hall

The time or the date at which the draws will take place is not specified. It is done as per the availability of the higher officials of the event.

The draw schedule is published on the website of the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket few days prior to the date of draw. As far as the tickets of the special draws are concerned, they are drawn only after all the tickets are sold.

The tickets are drawn in the Arrivals Hall of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and the event takes place under the supervision of the Big Ticket staff along with the airport officials.

The probability of becoming the lucky winner is dependent on the number of tickets sold.


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How to buy the tickets?

For the UAE citizens:

If you are a United Arab Emirates (UAE) Citizen, you can simply register online by making an account on the Big Ticket website.

While making an account, you need to provide your photo, along with other identification documents like your passport number. This ID proof will come in handy when you go to claim your prize.

Once after you have fulfilled the registration process, you can easily buy the tickets and pay either via our debit or credit card or via cash on delivery. 

Online tickets will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours. Those purchased during the first week of the month may take between 24–48 hours to be delivered owing to the high volume of ticket purchases at the end of each month, and the time it takes to process them.Abu Dhabi Big Ticket shuffling

The online tickets take 24 hours to be mailed to you. However, if you purchase the tickets in the first week of the month, the delivery process might get a bit delayed due to the processing of the high volume of the tickets purchased.

The Big Ticket can also be bought from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Duty Free, Ghweifat Duty Free, Abu Dhabi City Terminal, and the ADNEC Expo Check-In.

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Similarly, as nearly all the online purchase processes takes place, here too you need to present your identification proof along with a passport size photograph.

Note: People who do not reside in the UAE cannot buy tickets online; however, they can participate in the draw by purchasing tickets from the aforementioned locations. 

Cost of Tickets

Tickets for the cash draws cost AED 500, while tickets for the dream car draws vary depending on the value of the prize.

These tickets will cost either AED 50, 100, or 200. If you buy two tickets in the same transaction you get a third free.

Even its one on one free scheme lures dreamers to buy more tickets and test out their luck.

Winning Streak

A total of ten raffles are drawn with the lowest prize worth AED 10,000. A huge Englishman man dressed in red, named Richard, is the destiny maker who has been picking out the winning tickets for the past 12 years.

Your destiny literally lies in his magical hands. He announces the winners at the Abu Dhabi International airport with full pomp and show. The winning champions’ list is updated on the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket official website. 

An interesting trend has been witnessed recently which makes you question the rationality of it all.Big Ticket function

A lot of Keralites have been winning these draws lately, including other lottery games in the UAE. It is a mere coincidence or just plain fact that a lot of Keralites, among Indians, stay in the UAE and are luck-prone to buying tickets and winning.

In 2017–18, seven out of ten monthly mega prize winners belonged to Kerala. These prizes ranged AED 5–12 million. 

The prize amounts are unbelievable that it throws the victors for a loop. Some of them even dismiss the announcement calls made to them as prank calls.

Winning such huge amounts comes across as a beautiful shock cum surprise. Some of the winner stories are hilarious and heartening.


In one of the instances, the wife of a big ticket buyer thought of fooling him with the lie that he has won.

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Who knew that with a stroke of luck, he had actually won. Another bunch of friends bought tickets just for fun and won some great amount. They ended up splitting the amount, after getting a surprise/shock call first.

All in all, buying lottery as a serious business or just for fun has its own thrill. The waiting and the ultimate winning definitely pushes your patience levels. In case you are the winner, the wait and the faith is definitely worth it all!