How much time for Mumaris plus professional classification

What is Mumaris plus?

Mumaris plus is the unified online portal for all practitioners who are looking to work in Saudi Arabia.Through this portal you will get lot of services like professional classification,professional registration,issuance of good standing certificate,renewal of saudi council card etc.


How much time it will take to complete each services in mumaris plus portal?

mumaris plus professional classification time

These are the service level agreement for completed applications

Professional classification-10 business days

Professional reclassification -10 business days 

Professional registration- 10 business days

Professional re-registration -10 business days

Certification recognition -30 business days


Qualification study -70 business days

CPD providers accreditation -60 business days

CPD activities accreditation- 21 business days

Self directed learning and CME recognition-30 business days

mumaris plus professional classification total duration

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If your application exceeds the period specified,What to do?

If your application exceeds the period specified, you can contact Saudi Commission for health specialities via following number 920019393.


mumaris plus professional classification how long

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