Mumaris plus classification fees for practitioners in Saudi Arabia

This post is all about how much you need to pay for mumaris plus classification fees.


Mumaris plus

Every practitioner need to create a mumaris Plus account in order to start classification and registration services under Saudi Commission for health specialities.

Mumaris plus classification fees for practitioners in Saudi Arabia

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Professional classification pathway in mumaris plus

Soon after creating mumaris plus account, you need to proceed with classification of your qualification. During the pathway you need to pay complete classification fee in two stages.

for eg: for nurse technician the classification fee will be 600 riyals(200 riyals administrative and 400 riyals service fee)

Professional classification fees in mumaris plus

For general physician,resident,resident physician in training need to pay 1100 riyals.


Physicians( Registrar /senior registrar /fellow physicians) -1500 riyals

Consultant physician the classification fee will be 1800 Saudi riyals.

Fees for decision of recognition is 600 riyals.

For the classification fellowship in sub specialities/ other additional fellowships of same speciality the fee will be 1100 riyals.

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Pharmacists and health specialists(includes specialist and senior specialist) fee is 1100 riyals

Pharmacist in training/ nurse in training/ trainee specialist-1100 riyals.

Pharmacists and health specialists(consultant)-1500 riyals.


Technicians and health assistants-600 riyals.