10 things you must know before visiting Dubai


Dubai remains one of the most popular cities of UAE and is well known for the deluxe lifestyle and fashion. Millions of tourist flock here due to the latest innovative construction projects and sports events.beautiful dubai at night

No doubt the city is the most expensive; still, people love to explore its beauty and lifestyle. If you are the one who is planning to visit Dubai, then you have to be familiar with certain things that you can’t do over there.

Here are 10 things that you must avoid to keep yourself safe from any tragedy. 

Don’t Mess with Anyone

The beauty of Dubai is unbelievable. The city itself is known for peace and harmony. Therefore, it is essential to note that you are not allowed to speak loudly and indulge in arguments.people enjoying in down town dubai

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If you are found exceeding your volume limit, then you might get punished. And, you will also experience an awkward moment when people will gaze you due to unnecessary volume. 

Follow Traffic Rules Religiously in Dubai

Dubai’s rules and regulations are meant for social welfare. You must adhere to traffic rules; otherwise, you will be penalized for breaking the traffic norms.

It is also a perception that blowing horns means you are insulting the person who is next to your four-wheelers. Hence, think a hundred times before blowing the horn.

dubai beautiful night

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Everyone has to fasten the seat belt. You should also keep in mind that every road has its speed limit, so don’t dare to cross that limit. If you dare to exceed your speed limit, then you will be levied with a fine. 

Smoking is Strictly Prohibited in Certain Areas

Although smoking is allowed in Dubai, you have to keep in mind that you should not light up a cigarette in prohibited areas. Doing the same can lead to a hefty penalty. 

Keep yourself Away from Watching Porn

If you are planning to settle in Dubai, then before landing to the land of beauty, you must delete all porn videos and awkward photographs from your smartphones. Watching porn in Dubai is illegal. It may lead to prison.

Porn sites in Dubai are banned still many people cleverly watch porn through some tricks. This is strictly prohibited. Therefore, you must not follow those persons and turn your path.

Also, if you have call recording app, then immediately delete it because call recording is considered as unethical. 

Don’t Speak Against the Religion

Dubai city is a fusion of cultures, beliefs, and traditions of a massive number of people coming from numerous parts of the world.burj khalifa at night

Everyone lives here with peace and harmony. So, speaking or inducing anyone against the religion can lead to substantial penalty or jail. So, if you are in Dubai, then respect all religion and human beings. 

Avoid  Taking Photographs in Restricted Areas 

You are allowed to take photographs, but you must keep in mind that you are not clicking at prohibited areas.

Moreover, you are not allowed to snapshot anyone unknown for you. It may cause trouble for you. 

Staying in the Same Room if you are Unmarried is Illegal 

By keeping in mind the concern of human emotions, Dubai’s government has introduced a law related to couples.

The law states that you are not allowed to stay in the same room if you are not married. Holding hands, hugging, and kissing publicly are restricted in Dubai. 

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Begging is Restricted in Dubai

You hardly see anyone begging in Dubai. If anyone is doing the same, then you must not pay attention to them because begging is prohibited over there. 


Don’t Touch Any Item if it’s Not Yours

If you have seen anything lying down on the ground, then don’t dare to touch it. The concerned person will take his/her item itself. You can find CCTV everyone, so if you dare to touch it, then it will be considered as unethical. 

 Eating Publicly During Ramadan is Not Allowed

It is essential to know that it is forbidden to eat, drink, and smoke publicly during Ramadan. You can consume whatever you want in your hotel room or living space. So, if you are visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, then don’t eat or drink anything in the public premises.