Dubai mall aquarium: entry timings,ticket prices and creatures we saw


We all know that malls are about the clothes and food. However, the Dubai Mall aquarium is much more than that. Our curiosity to know more about this unique mall with aquarium made us fly all the way to Dubai, the global business hub.

dubai aquarium mall1-min To know about the Dubai Mall Aquarium construction details, you can check Dubai Aquarium wiki page. Here is short narration of my experience at this beautiful space with marine beauty inside a tunnel.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Location

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo ,The Dubai Mall ,Doha Street ,Off 1st Interchange – Sheikh Zayed Road ,Dubai, U.A.E

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Ticket Prices and Entry

When spending a good amount of time at Dubai Mall, I discovered endless places and wonders inside this massive space. I and my DLSR had an awesome time together whilst capturing the stunning creatures in the aquarium.

You can watch a section of the Dubai Mall aquarium free of cost from the mall itself. However, there is much more inside the aquarium which requires a ticket at a cost somewhere around 55 AED for standard tickets which allow access for the zoo as well as aquarium.Dubai Mall Aquarium

We got amazing discounts with Dubai Aquarium tickets offer by booking our tickets online. As you get into the largest indoor mall aquarium in the world, you have to walk through a huge tank.

This view is same as everyone gets from the outside. However, before we entered into this 48 meter underwater tunnel, we clicked a memorable picture with help from camera crew.

When should you visit this aquarium?

Dubai Mall Aquarium


We knew the exact time for which the aquarium is open to visitors. For the information of all, the Dubai Mall aquarium timings start at 10:00 am and go till 12:00 at midnight. The last admission time is 11:30 Pm.

As we were aware of the Dubai Mall aquarium opening hours, we reached the place at somewhere around 2pm in afternoon.

The Magic Inside

My experience entering this tunnel was nothing less than a fairy tale coming true. The tunnel has a 270 degree water view with mesmerizing creatures.

I clicked some ravishing pictures of these creatures for my blog and spent more than 3 hours gazing at their beauty. It was like I was walking in water and felt nothing less than the superhero “Aquaman”.

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Creatures We Saw

Talking about the Dubai Mall Aquarium species, we saw a large variety of sea creatures. The marine ecology in this aquarium gave us access to beautiful species such as Giant Spider Crabs, Sand Tiger Sharks, Sting Rays, and many more.

As I proceeded ahead in the tunnel, different variants of sea creatures came incredibly close to the glass ceiling. The entire zoo is divided into three sections which include Rocky Shore, Rain Forest, and Living Ocean.

These sections are differentiated according to the creatures that live here. Strolling through the tunnel, I could literally touch the creatures of the water through the glass. The experience brought goose bumps and a sense of thrill.

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I didn’t want to end my journey at the end of the tunnel. So, I had booked myself a combo of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium ticket at heavily discounted price. After my exciting trip through the Dubai Aquarium, I went on to explore the marvellous sights at the apex of the Burj Khalifa tower.


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