Mall of the emirates:a fantastic place for shopping,ski dubai and cinemas


Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates where Mall of Emirates is situated. The Mall of Emirates enhances the beauty of the city from the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf.

mall of the emiratesThings to do in Mall of Emirates

Apart from shopping, there are many things to do in the Mall of Emirates, which makes it a place to have fun with the family at the weekends.

Let’s figure out various interesting points of the Mall of the emirates.


Ski feels like you are diving in the snow like a penguin. This is a basically an indoor ski area which is designed to create a snowy atmosphere in order to provide a perfect experience of Ski at the mountains.



Mall of Emirates conducts many events like special festival contests, summer campaigns, winter campaigns, and Christmas campaigns. Also, many stars from Bollywood and Hollywood come here to interact with people as well as to promote their movies.


Malls of Emirates hold 80 international brands. People can shop for most luxuries products from clothes to shoes, and from kids, to old age people you will find everything under one roof. This is one of the largest shopping centers in the country.


As the Mall of Emirates is one of the largest malls of UAE, this is the reason why people may have confusions while roaming inside the Mall due to lots of areas and floors. To solve this confusion, the Mall of the emirates provides the amazing facility of maps. There are pathway maps on almost all the floors and corners of the malls which shows ways to all the location, shops and other places of the Mall so that they can find the places or shops or particular area of the Mall they are looking for.


Get the incredible experience of films from Mall of the emirates. You can see all the latest movies in different dimensions and screens. VOX cinema is always ready to entertain people with their services.

Restaurants and Hotels

To take care of the appetite of the visitors, there are many restaurants, dining places, and food courts. And if you want to spend a few days in the Mall, the Mall of emirates has hotels to become their resident partners.


Guest Services

Mall of emirates provides amazing guest services by providing gift cards, hands-free, kid’s information, parking information, shuttle services, and tourist information. This information will help the guests to have a fascinating experience while visiting mall.
So, next time when you will come to Dubai, don’t forget to visit the Mall of emirates.