5 wonderful things you can do in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a great place to explore with lots of restaurant,lounges and have lots of fun-filling moments.


Enrich your Excitement for Magic Planet Dubai Marina

Are you addicted towards travelling? or you love to explore every corner of the world?

You’re going to be fascinated by the fun and exciting times you can enjoy in Dubai Marina. Yes, it sounds weird, but you can feel the joy once you go there.

Dubai Marina includes so many mind-boggling places that can leave anyone awestruck! It’s an artificial channel of seawater nudging its way passing a forest of skyscrapers, providing entry to pleasure craft piers.

Dubai marina mall is the only mall that you can see in Dubai marina area. The mall is tiered overĀ  4 levels that brings together various supermarkets , cinema , restaurants and many brands of clothing. There are several sources of entertainment for children also.

You will also find access to a range of amazing restaurants called Pier 7. The mall itself have access to 21 different restaurants and fast food concepts and marina facing cafes like Shakespeare’s. The mall has free wifi facility as well and hence you can enjoy working remotely.

Here are 5 amazing things that you can do in Dubai Marina.

Watch Movie at the Reel Cinema

The most amazing thing that you can do is to watch a movie at the reel cinema. Those who are living in Dubai Marina can pop over and grab some of the latest hits from all around the world in this multi-screen cinema and relish snacks from the confectionery counter.

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Enjoy Food at the Best Shawarma

Yes, you can discover plenty of shawarma, but Dubai Marina mall has the best Shawarma outlet popular for its two dishes namely fish shawarma and soujouk.

The place attracts foodies from all over the city. Tempting sandwiches with unique combination of flavors are also available. You can also explore other restaurants and cafes.

Enjoy Zip Lining

You can enjoy your first Xline ride as well. Simply, book your ride and wait for confirmation.

Once you get that, move ahead straightly to the XLine booth in the mall with you identity card and showcase your confirmation email regarding the registered by the team there.

You should also not forget to return your waistband and camera to get your photographs and videos.

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Allow your Kid to enjoy

If you are seeking a place to let your kids dance their hearts out, then Little Explorers area is for them.

Locate Myself, Discover Myself, I Experiment, All Together, and I Can Do are the five zones. Video games, art and craft and many more fun activities are available for little ones.

Hence, if you plan to visit Dubai Marina mall with your kids, then you can drop them off at this popular kid’s play area and you can enjoy some shopping.

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Enjoy the Entire Day at Address Dubai Marina

Address Dubai Marina is attached to the Dubai Marina Mall. It’s a luxury hotel that features over 200 rooms, pool, spa, lounges and several restaurants.

So if you want to delve in 5-star luxury, then don’t forget to visit Address Dubai Marina.