Meet Yousuf bhai, a famous perfume maker in Dubai


Childhood memories are hard to forget. For Yousuf Bhai, the beautiful fragrances that his father used to wear set him off on a wonderful journey in the world of perfumes.

Read on to know more about how a young man from Thrissur, Kerala established such a flourishing business in Dubai over the years.

Falling in love with perfumes

From a very young age Yousuf bhai, now famous perfume maker in Dubai, held a deep fascination for perfumes.

perfume make dubaiHe grew up around people who were involved in making them, and that only fueled his inspiration to learn all about this craft. He wanted to make perfumes of his own imagination.

From Kerala to Gold Souq, Dubai

This beloved perfume maker has his roots in Thrissur, Kerala. Now, it has been over eighteen years filled with passion and hard work since he settled down in Dubai with his family.

Yousuf bhai has been designing and concocting perfumes since the past three decades. When he saw his brothers and other relatives pursuing this field, it stirred something in him. He felt inspired to create a brand, a name for himself too. That’s how Teeb Emirates perfumes came to be.

Setting up a perfume shop

But there was a long and arduous journey that he undertook before opening this shop. He knew he needed to know all that there is about perfumes.

He researched and he worked with other established perfume makers in order to truly understand what goes into making such captivating fragrances.


The jewel of Gold Souq

More than eighteen years ago, Yousuf bhai set up his shop in Gold Souq, Dubai. This shop was a dream come true, as he always knew he had to do something of his own. The shop welcomes customers from all over the perfume bottles

They are known to greet Yousuf bhai with a warm hug every time they come visiting. People all over Gold Souq have huge regards for him.

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How does he make perfumes?

Today, he smiles as he tells people that he concocts over two hundred new fragrances each day. It takes him barely twenty minutes to execute a new idea – may be something he came up with or even a request placed by the customer.

If you are wondering how many he has created so far – even a very conservative estimate gives us an answer of ten thousand!

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He smells and measures so many fragrances and scents in a single day that all it takes is a slight sniff for him to know which perfume it is. One very famous person to have gotten a custom perfume made by him recently was Gwen Stefani. 

Well-known fragrances

Settling on a few popular ones by him is certainly difficult. But a very famous one is coffee and vanilla perfume. 

How much do they cost?

Teeb Emirates Perfumes is a sharp contrast to Western perfume brands, Yousuf bhai maintains that perfumes shouldn’t be so very expensive.


His prices are affordable. They are set keeping in mind the craft put into each bottle but also the customer looking to buy it.