Top 15 things to do in Dubai international airport

There is a sensitive parity of old and new in Dubai, bringing about a buffet of activities which brings down the 15 things to do in Dubai international airport. 


If you are venturing out to Asia, Middle East, Australia, or from any of 100 areas utilizing Dubai, odds are high. You may wind up with couple of hours travel at the Dubai Airport.Dubai international airport creativity

If you stay there sitting tight for your next flight, time will tick gradually however on the off chance that you pre-plan what you will do, the time will keep running by a lot quicker.

The Dubai International Airport, one of the best and highest air terminals on the planet, contains an entire universe of attractions and excitement inside it.

The cutting edge air center point associates over 220 goals from six landmasses through more than 130 planned aircraft.

With three most recent terminals, the air terminal has a limit of dealing with 60 million travelers for every year that is relied upon to increment.

Being such a busiest air terminal, the Dubai International Airport has everything for everybody to appreciate.

Travelers landing at the air terminal can do a great deal of fun stuff just as can unwind appropriately.

Dubai, a culture liquefying spot, pulling in individuals from around the globe, offers the visitor a great deal directly from the minute they show up. 

1.Relax in an airport lounge

Airport LoungesSpend your layover like a First Class flyer – even if you’re not one! Many airport lounges here offer access to any traveler, no matter the airline or service class has flown.

The entry fee may well be worth the inclusive food and drinks, a quieter, comfier space, and decent WiFi speeds – some even have shower facilities.

Save by pre-booking an entry pass online or use a lounge membership program. Locations and amenities are available in our Dubai Airport Guide.

2.Go for Shopping:

Once in Dubai, one must go finding some great bargains at Dubai airport. The passionate shoppers may choose from the sizeable duty-free shopping mall offering a wide range of items.

A large variety of well known international brands are available at exceptionally competitive rates, especially for European travelers. Men, women and kids stuff is equally accessible.Dubai international airport shops

Liquor sale is allowed at Dubai duty-free mall due to millions of non-Muslim passengers arriving and departing through the hub.

The vast collection of excellent quality liquor and tobacco products, chocolates, cookies and confectionary, apparel, cosmetics, decoration items, household stuff, watches, jewelry, books, music, and much more is on display at the mall.

3.Enjoy Dining:

Tired of shopping, one needs to relax in any of the restaurants and dining places available inside the Dubai International Airport food court.

The food court situated between gates 113 and 115 on departure level offers International cuisine including Middle Eastern, Indian, and continental.

Famous fast-food chains including McDonald’s, Starbucks and Round Table Pizza are also present there along with pubs offering excellent food and drinks to international travelers.

4.Get a room at the airport hotel and do what you need to do:

After excellent food, one would love to have a good nap! The airport Terminal 1 offers the five-star Dubai International Hotel at affordable hourly and nightly rates ranging between $ 40 and $ 200.

The hotel situated on two levels on Sheikh Rashid Terminal offers elegant rooms, a health club, swimming pool, laundry, restaurants, and business center.

5.Relax in Lounges:

Those just hanging around may sit and relax in one of the exceptional lounges inside the airport, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Whether it is the International First Class Lounge between Gates 114 and 112 or a Business Class Lounge next to Gate 108 or lounges of airlines like Emirates, Gulf Air, British Airways, Air France, KLM, and Star Alliance are situated between Gates 21 and 26, it’s always fun being there.

Near Gates 9 and 23, there are two Quiet Lounges in the Sheikh Rashid Terminal offering free of charge services. Marhaba lounges on Terminal 1 and 3 are a perfect representation of pure Arab culture and hospitality.


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6.Rest in SnoozeCube:

The management at Dubai Airport keeps upgrading the facilities and services for the satisfaction of its valued visitors.

SnoozeCube is one such attraction recently added for passengers’ comfort and amusement.Dubai international airport shopping

SnoozeCube situated at Terminal 1, gate 122, offers soundproof sleeping pods or accommodation units furnished with a bed, high-speed internet connection, and television.

Travelers also get continuous flight updates while relaxing in the cubes. The units are rented on hourly basis.

7.Surf Free Internet:

There is much more to do like surfing free internet at the kiosks or on your laptops.

Kiosks have their systems, and you may need to wait in a queue in case if it’s a busy hour there. To use the internet on your device, you’ll need to coordinate with your airline.

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8.Go to the Health Club:

A work-out using treadmill, Swimming pool, and jacuzzi at the G-Force health is an excellent attraction for the health-conscious.

9.Why sit around when you can Burn Some Calories exploring the whole airport:

On all the terminals and everywhere, there are moving walkways, escalators, and skytrains, making it easy for passengers to move around comfortably.

The moving walkways can work as perfect treadmills if you start walking in opposite direction. Try out if you’ve time and want to burn some calories.

10.Take photos:

On Dubai Airport, there is a lot to capture by your digital cam. Keep your memories safe on your laptop and share it with family and friends later.

Doing photography at Dubai Airport is yet another fun-filled activity that most of the tourists love doing during their stay.

To many tourists, such facilities appear exciting and amusing as they haven’t seen these at the airports back home.

11.Unwind at the Zen gardens 

In Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport offers the Zen gardens – a zone that involves a fish lake, lavish trees and seats to sit on while tuning in to the hints of water.Dubai international airport creativity

This is an ideal spot for perusing a book or getting up to speed with unfinished work. Zen garden additionally gives a play zone to youngsters to keep them involved. 

12.Unwind in an air terminal parlor 

Unwind at the air terminal parlor; for a little expense, you can appreciate nourishment and beverages, a tranquil spot, incredible free WiFi, and considerably shower offices.

You can save money on air terminal parlor costs by pre-booking a passage pass on the web. Or then again, you could join a parlor participation program. Get the Dubai Airport control for a rundown of areas and enhancements.

Numerous air terminal parlors here offer access to any voyager, regardless of the carrier or administration class flown.

Spare by pre-booking a section pass on the web or utilize a parlor participation program. Areas and courtesies are accessible in our Dubai Airport Guide. 

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13.Go touring 

Delay SightseeingDXB is found only a couple of minutes from the Dubai downtown area.

Joined with simple travel alternatives and a delay of at any rate 5 hours, looking at the city might be the ideal path for you to breathe easy until your next flight.

You have a few alternatives for touring: 

14.Spruce up with a shower 

showersIf you’ve quite recently ventured off a whole deal flight, and a shower might be precisely what you need.

Free showers are situated in Terminals 1 and 3. However, their tidiness might be easy to refute. In case you’re jumping on passage to an air terminal parlor, search for ones with shower offices notwithstanding.


The Health Club between Terminals 1 and 3 likewise gives a shower-possibly bundle on the off chance that you would prefer not to pay for a full help bundle. 

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15.Finish that pending work 

For the individuals who are tingling to complete work before loading up the next flight and need the right mood, the air terminal gives a business focus and meeting rooms at the Dubai International Hotel.Dubai international airport inside


They offer administrations; for example, the web gets to, photocopying, faxing, and secretarial administrations. 

16. some shut-attention 

If you are depleted and couldn’t care less much for eating or shopping, you can go to a nap 3D square to get some undisturbed rest before your next flight. 

Like miniaturized scale lodgings, visitors approach a bed, complimentary wireless internet, a touchscreen TV offering music and motion pictures, and a spot to hang covers on.

This office costs Dhs 75 for a solitary 3D shape and Dhs 100 for a common solid form. 

And in the end, have a great time 

For those going with youngsters, it may merit going to another office between entryways B7 and B8 at Concourse B.