Enjoy Dubai street food at a throwaway price 1 doller

We have all dreamt of visiting Dubai with its luxurious malls, theme parks, museums and gold souks.


One always thinks of it as the city of big and rich dreams. But there is also a different side to Dubai than only the glitz and glamour. It is misconstrued as a place where you cannot buy things on a budget. 

When you travel to various places around the world as a tourist, you always do not have the luxury to spend a lot on food, stay and sightseeing.

Sometimes you are on a budget and would like to save a little so you can spend on other things too. What if you tell you that when you travel to Dubai you can save on food? In fact, you can just spend about a dollar or less on food in certain cafes and restaurants in Dubai. Surprising right? It’s true. So Wanna enjoy Dubai street foods?These are some of best places where you can get the culture, taste, spice and aromas of Dubai within a dollar.

Let’s explore Dubai street foods

If you walk into Meena Bazaar, not only do you find winding streets full of shops and culture but you also find several street food centers. Here you can find good, qualitative food at literally throwaway prices. 

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Farisian Cafeteria

One such place is the Farisian Cafeteria. They serve only vegetarian fast food and are well known for their falafel sandwiches. Foodies crowd to their café for samosas, tikki falafels, aaloo bondas etc. Their aaloo vada sandwich, which is basically a roll with potatoes, onions, lettuce and a green sauce – costs only 3 AED which is approximately 75 cents. 


Tasty Bite Restaurant

Just like how the USA is famous for its Pizza, London for its fish and chips – Dubai is well known for its falafel. One well known restaurant in Meena Bazaar is Tasty Bite Restaurant. These are basically deep fried spicy balls. This restaurant is known for its falafels, shawarma and other fast foods. Here also you can get food on a budget. You can get three falafels for 2 AED which comes to about 50 cents. 

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Taibah Bakery

Taibah Bakery is a small Afghani bakery which serves its popular Zatar which is a cheese or olive filled handmade bread. This is made with love and care in a Tandoor Oven and costs just about 3 AED or 75 cents. 

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Abdulla Omar Cafeteria

Your foodie quest would be incomplete if you do not try out the Oman Chips Sandwich. All Dubai foodies are fond of this. Abdulla Omar Cafeteria at the Dubai Silicon Oasis is popular for this and they serve this sandwich for just about 4 AED which is around a dollar. 

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Al Damyati & Iskandaron

Al Damyati & Iskandaron is popular for its Hummus with Chicken, falafel or Meat which is available for 4 AED which is approximately a dollar. 


Small cafes and businesses like these are just a few examples. They play a major role in keeping the fast food culture and foodie spirit alive in Dubai. For those tourists or expats on a budget or for those foodies who crave these kinds of scrumptious fast foods; these joints are just the place to visit.