How To Print Exit Reentry Visa(2023)

Sometimes you may need to check the exit re-entry visa status or to get to know the validity for your travel.


In some cases Jawazat extends your visa online and you may need to check the visa status online.check status exit reentry through muqeem


Why you need a printout of exit reentry visa?

When leaving your country, authorities will demand an exit re entry document at the departure point.

So this post explain you how to check saudi visa validity online through muqeem website(here no need to use absher platform) and to take a print out.

How to print your own exit reentry visa online:

1.Visit Following website:

It will open a website showing visa validity services.There will be two columns:

You need to enter first value and second value.

visa validity check in muqeem


3.In the first column you need to enter Iqama number or visa number.


if you don’t know about visa number you need to enter Iqama number.

exit reentry visa status via muqeem

In the second column you have lot of options,you can enter.

It includes Iqama number, visa number, passport number, name, Iqama validity, passport validity,Date of birth etc. just enter your passport number, and click on check.

More read:Check Saudi Visa Stamping Status Online With Passport Number(2023) will open a page now you can see your exit reentry visa Details.

It will show that visa is valid, also a lot of details like visa issued date in Hijri as well as Gregorian, Visa duration,Visa number etc.

visa validity check muqeem

6.Try to get a printout of the same web page. if you are using Chrome browser in the right upper corner you can see 3 dots.

Just click on it will show you an Option to print.

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get a printout of your own exit reentry visa online.


7.It will open a window to save the paper as a pdf file.You can take a printout off the exit reentry visa.

8.If you are using an Android/iOS phone, try to get a screenshot of the same and you can show this image to airport officials directly from your phone.