Check Saudi Visa Stamping Status Online With Passport Number(2022)

Here’s the simplest way to check the status of your Saudi visa stamping status using your passport number.


mofa website

You will receive information about the application and will be able to print a copy of it.

Following are the steps:(Updated 2022)

1.Visit enzazit website:

Saudi Visa status check

Here you can find Find Applicant Data and you need to enter following.


1.Passport Number

2.Current Nationality.

3.Visa Type

4.Visa Issuing Authority

Click on search button.

mofa visa stamping status

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2.It will open a whole new page showing all the details like sponsor name,visa number,application number,occupation,number of entries etc.Stamping Status Online saudi


3.You can take printout of same by clicking the print button in upper right corner.