How To Renew Driving License In Saudi Arabia (2023)

You can easily renew driving licence online through your Absher account. This post will explain to you how to do that step by step.(Updated 2023).

Remember,Only licenses with expiry date less than 180 days are eligible for renewal.


Always deposit driving licence renewal fee under your iqama(It will be 40 riyals for 1 year,so you need to deposit 80 riyals for 2 years,200 riyals for 5 years and 400 riyals for 10 years).You can deposit this amount through your bank account.

Make also updated your medical test reports before proceeding to the next steps.

These are the following criterias for renewal of of driving licence in Saudi Arabia.
1. You should have fingerprint status and photo done with your absher account.
2. You need to deposit payment renewal fee or any pending delay fees.
3. You need to pay all your traffic violations fines.
4. The applicant should be alive.
5. You should pass your medical fitness test, which include following:
  • Body Health test
  • Mental Health test
  • Your eye test

Step by step instructions how to your renew driving licence in KSA 

1.Go to your Absher account and login-

renewal driving license saudi

2.Go to Electronic Services,then Click On Myservices.

3.Click on Traffic
renewal of expired driving license in saudi arabia

4.Choose renew driving licence

driving license renewal fee saudi arabia

5.Click on next,after reading the instructions.
renewal of driving license in saudi arabia



6.Choose Select License Type:

how to renew driving license through absher


7.Choose the License Renewal Period:You can choose 2 years,5 years or 10 years.Click next.

renew driving license absher

8.At this stage you need updation of your medical test report,So before starting all these steps get your medical test done from a government approved center.It cost you 109 riyals only.Once updated we can proceed this step.


how to renew driving license absher

9.Now you are at renewal confirmation page,make sure everything correct,then accept terms and click on confirm.

how to renew driving license in absher

10.Yes, you renewed your “Driving license successfully”.If you want your licence card to get in postal delivery(Wasel) choose “Request postal document delivery option”.

renew driving license absher

11.Choose “print” option, to get a printout of your driving licence renewal document, later visit nearest muroor to get your updated licence card.For example:<Click for Location-alsulai Traffic Police- Morrorمرور السلي.>

You need to take a  appointment in absher for the same.Show the appointment letter and enter inside later they will issue the renewed driving licence and you need to surrender the old one.



If you have any queries, ask in comment section.