Premier inn dubai hotel review:Enjoy your holiday

Premier Inn, a joint venture between Emirates Group and Whitbread in UAE has more than 50 divisions that provide supreme quality services while you experience the culture of Dubai.


Most of the attractions under the glittering skyline of the place will be located at proximity from the hotel.hotel in dubai

Premier inn dubai setting

A beautiful waterfront and the boulevard lighted red with the setting sun make up the best scenario for a restful evening walk.

The premier inn Dubai international hotel is located in proximity to the most important financial centers as well as places of attraction.


The hotel is located at premier inn dubai international airport Road, Opp Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport- Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

The location is great for airport access. All the basic featured rooms contain team and coffee makers, television sets and refrigerator sets. 


Outdoor pools, bars, multi facility gyms and restaurants are yet another luxury. Free Wi-Fi facility is available and breakfast is for people aged less than 16. A full laundry service is also available with the regular room service.

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Proper parking spaces are provided for the people residing here. Hot tubs are also available to soothe our bodies and minds after the travelling and parking lots are available for hassle free parking.

Places of attraction around

A treat to your eyes and ears is served at the Festival City, the Burj Khalifa and the WAFI Mall.snooker table

Near metro

If you’re on a business trip, then do not spend your important time on commute because the Metro provides a quick trip to places of financial importance like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai International Financial Centre. 

Dubai business bay

The place is extremely suited for people who are on hectic business trips and wish to catch a moment of rest in the burdening schedule.  Trips for young children can also be accommodated in the nearby parks and parents can sit back and relax while that time. 

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Premier Inn hotels boast of the amazing architecture it possesses. Get over monochrome patterns and styles of the conventional hotels and experience the contemporary styles painted in bright hues of saturated colors on the walls.

  1. The British heritage is imposed by the awesome and classic low lighting intelligently placed to maximize vision. 
  2. The furniture features comfortable Chesterfield styled pieces along with antique pieces of art and culture of the Middle East. 
  3. The architecture lays special emphasis on the involvement of the culture and it’s exemplification by the small details and use of colors.


Premier Inn hotels also work their part towards the ultimate goal of using resources in a sustainable manner. It makes use of natural and abundantly available source of power, the sun. Roofs are installed with solar panels that use the sunlight to generate electricity to reduce the electricity consumption.


Thus by choosing Premier Inn hotels, you choose a sustainable method of existence. It is also working to expand the use of sustainable energies and help consumers be a part of the sustainable movement.

Premier inn dubai international airport hotel

  1. The hotels are also suitable for business purposes. While boasting of its proximity to important financial centers, well furnished meeting rooms are also available in adequate numbers. 
  2. The meeting rooms are well furnished with technical as well as environmental requirements for the conduction of a meeting or a formal social gathering. 
  3. It also saves time as it is very near the international airports.
  4. The meeting rooms provide facilities like uninterrupted internet facilities, conference projectors and an optimum seating capacity. 
  5. Proper lighting facilities are also ensured.

Luxury purpose

Unlike other business hotels, Premier Inn hotels meet the criterion of a luxury hotel too. While you can stop by to discuss business plans with the delegates, it also works as a perfect stop by when you’re spending leisure time with family. With facilities like sightseeing offers, spa, rooftop swimming and dining facilities, you can really enjoy your stay here.

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Airport free shuttle

The shuttle bus offers free rides to the too cultural sites like Yas Links golf course and Ferrari World. Culturally exotic places like the Presidential Palace of Abu Dhabi and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are all located at a close proximity. Also outdoor pools would be the best way to fight the heat. Hot tubs will help you rejuvinate the enervated bodies.

dubai restaurent terrace

Dubai room service

Multi facility gyms are also available that provide you an opportunity to work out while on the go. Top class room service and laundry services will ensure that you do care about nothing but comfort and relaxation. Enough parking lots are also available so that consumers can benefit from hassle free parking.

High end comfort

Whether you’re on a business trip or with your family, the long hours of the flight can make anyone drowsy and enervated. The Hypnos bed and the soothing lighting will provide you the much needed restful slumber only to wake up energized and feeling vital.

The well brewed coffee with the platter of properly hard boiled eggs and fruits will prepare you for the day ahead. 

Restaurants inside

Breakfast is free for people below the age of 16 years. The delicacies presented for breakfast, lung and dinner will exemplify the culture and tastes of the Middle East while not defying the international tastes. Tea and coffee machines will be installed in the basic rooms and thus can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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The hotel has a room rating of 3.8, a location rating of 4.5 and a service rating of 4.3 that amount to an overall rating of 4.1. The rooms cater to people visiting with their families, couples, solo travelers and also business delegates.


restaurent food in dubai

Regular deals on food and drinks are available for most of the time. The prices of the food on the premier inn dubai airport restaurant menu are also lower than the conventional 3 star hotels and provide an excellent staff service to benefit from. 

Direct booking services are available that work on an online as well as an offline basis.. Room availability can also be checked and the facilities can be explored in the online website that is well maintained and regularly updated.

Premier inn dubai reviews:

The hotel serves the main purpose of acting as a transit hotel in the between the journey.

It provides services at a cost that is very affordable, considering the other hotels that serve the same purpose charge more.

The services can accommodate not just a solo individual, but also a group of delegates who wish to witness the culture under the glittering skyline of the Middle East. 

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Premier inn dubai airport hotel reviews:

The architecture, food and the living will help you live an Arab life, the reduced commute time and the hassle free amenities will make it easier to pick out moments of relaxation amidst the business tour. 


Premier inn dubai silicon oasis by tripadvisor:

As per the reviews on tripadvisor, the families who wish to have an affordable vacation trip can also consider the hotel for a stay.

The stay can be a transit one or can also be an extended one.

Amenities add to the luxury factor while there is no compromise on the quality of the basic services. More information can be availed from premier inn dubai international airport hotel website.