Marketing And Administrative Support Jobs Will Be Saudized Soon

According to ministry officials, jobs available in marketing and administrative support will be saudized soon.


The decision will take effect on april 1, 2022, and will provide approximately 12000 employment for saudi men and women under the saudi nitaqat program.

When recruiting a saudi, the minimum pay should be 5500 saudi riyals.
Marketing And Administrative Support Jobs Will Be Saudized SoonAccording to the statements, 30 percent of marketing professionals in private care establishments with five or more employees in marketing professionals should be saudi nationals.

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The following is a list of marketing occupations that fall under this category:

Manager Marketing specialist

Advertising and public relations manager


Marketing sales expert

Advertising designer

Commercial advertising photographer.

The new decision is centered on creating a better working environment for saudi nationals, both men and women, as well as increasing their participation.

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Those establishments not following these rules should need to face penalties.


The government also encourages and supports establishments looking to recruit saudis.