Lab technician Saudi prometric exam :Pattern and Books to Study

If you are planning to practice as a laboratory technician in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to undergo the Prometric Test under the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities(scfhs).


After passing the examination you need to register in the scfhs  database.

Lab technician saudi prometric exam pattern and duration

The Exam will be in a multi-choice style. There will be 100 multiple-choice questions and the length of the test will be 2.5 hours.Lab technician Saudi prometric

Lab Technician Minimum eligibility requirements

The  candidate must have at least Two Years of Diploma Degree in Medical Laboratory along with enough experiences.

How to book examination

Visit Prometric website >here<.

Topic distribution

1.Safety and Quality Control 8%​

2.Bacteriology ​15%

​3.Virology ​     7%

4.Immunology ​7%

5.Parasitology ​7%


6.Hematology ​13%

​7.Blood Bank ​13%

​8.Biochemistry 18%​

​9.Hormones ​5%

​10.Urinalysis ​ 3%

​11.Mycology   4%

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Lab technician Saudi jobs

Pass score

The passing score needed for Lab technician saudi prometric examination is 40% as per scfhs.

Books to study

1.Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries, Monica Cheesbrough (latest Edition)

2.Manual on Standard Operation Procedures, Sample Collection and Reference Ranges for Clinical Chemistry, Meliyanthi M. Gunatillaka (latest Edition)

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3.Clinical Immunology and Serology, Christine Dorresteyn Stevens (latest Edition)

4.Molecular Cell Biology, Harvey Lodish (latest Edition).