Gap in professional practice the scfhs rules you must know

”Discontinuity of professional practice-the SCFHS rules”


Gap in professional practice the scfhs rules you must knowAfter classification and registration under Saudi Commission for health specialities, you will be able to work as a health practitioner inside Saudi Arabia.

If you have any gap in practice following are the rules you need to know.

Gap in professional practice rules by Saudi commission

If you have any teaching, research or administration experience, it won’t be counted as professional practice experience.

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If you are enrolled in any educational program, this will not be counted as professional practice unless the training has to be in the same field.


If the practitioner has a discontinuity for 2 consecutive years in practice, then he / she must go for additional training.

The training periods following the discontinuation are as follows:

The practitioner needs a 3-month training for a 2-year to 4-year professional discontinuation.

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If the discontinuity period is 4 years to 6 years then he or she should get training for 6 months.

He/she should get a training of 12 months if the discontinuity period is more than 6 years.

After completion of the training the practitioner need to attend the exam, in order to renewal of his/her professional registration.


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