Expatriates Can Change Jobs Without Having To Wait 1 Year

According to a new amendment to the labor law approved by the minister of human resources and social development, expatriate workers in the kingdom will be able to switch jobs more easily from their current employer.



The worker may leave his job without waiting at least one year after his arrival in the kingdom, but only under certain conditions.

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Previously, there was a provision in labour law stating that expatriates must stay with their current employer for at least 12 months before transferring to another.

The following are the most recent changes:

1 an expatriate worker may transfer his services to another employer without waiting for a specific period of time, with the consent of his current employer prior to the transfer, without violating the conditions outlined in the Nitaqat program for the private sector.

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2.The expat worker may transfer his or her services to another employer without getting approval in the following circumstances:

a.The worker has spent 12 months with his or her present employer from the date of entry into the kingdom.

b.The worker has to notify the current employer about the transfer in a period of at least 90 days before the end of the contract(also can change the contract if both parties agree early for transfer.)


c.Upon expiry of his contract period.