How To Book Third Dose(Booster)Covid Vaccine In Saudi Arabia(2022)

book third dose in saudiSaudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health announced that everyone should receive a third dosage of Covid-19 vaccine, known as a “Covid-19 booster dose“, following their first and second doses.


Why need a booster dose?

Those who have already received their first and second doses of the covid-19 vaccination will lose their protection over time. A booster shot is recommended to provide or maintain long-term immunity.


Who is eligible to get a third dose of covid vaccine?

People who are considered moderately or severely immunocompromised, such as organ transplant recipients and people with chronic renal failure or a similar condition, are given top priority.
Also those ages 18 year and old are eligible to get a booster shot of covid-19 vaccine after 6 months of their second dose.

How to book appointment for third dose of covid-19 vaccine?

You can make Appointment through Sehaty as well as tawakalna apps.The steps to getting an appointment are as follows

1.Open Sehaty app:To download >CLICK HERE<

2.Click on Create account.Register it using your mobile number,iqama id and date of birth.create account in sehaty app 3.Later login to application.


book appointment through sehaty app
4.Choose covid 19 vaccines in the main interface.


5.On the following page, you can see a record of all of your previous dosages. Click on booster shot.

Remember you are eligible only if you cross 6 months after the second dose.

It will be shown down below when you can apply for booster shot.

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6.Once you click on it you will be able to choose location,dates available,time slots also.

After choosing them you will get confirmation message from sehaty app regarding time and location.