Endocrinology Saudi licensing exam:Pattern and Books to Study

Endocrinology Saudi licensing exam questionsIf you are looking to work as an endocrinologist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to pass the Pearson Vue Endocrinology Licensing Exam under the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities.


Endocrinology Pearson Vue licensing examination pattern and duration

The Exam will be in multiple-choice format. There will be 150 multiple-choice questions and the length of the Examination will be 3 hours.Endocrinology Saudi pearson vue

How to book examination

Visit Pearson VUE website >here<.

Topic distribution

1.Diabetes mellitus 20% 65% 2. Obesity 7% 3. Dyslipidemia 7% 4. Thyroid Disorders 15% 5. Hypothalamus and Pituitary Disorders 10% 6. Adrenal Disorders 8%.

7.Parathyroid / Metabolic bone diseases 10% 8. Reproductive Endocrinology 8% 9. Peds endocinology 5% 10. Patient Safety 5% 11. Professionalism and Ethics 5%


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Pass score

The passing score needed for Endocrinology Pearson Vue licensing examination is 65% as per SCFHS.

Books to study


2.Wass, J. A. H., & Stewart, P. M. (2011). Oxford textbook of endocrinology and diabetes. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

3.In Melmed, S., In Polonsky, K. S., In Larsen, P. R., & In Kronenberg, H. (2016). Williams textbook of endocrinology.

4.Gardner, D. (2017). Greenspan’s Basic and Clinical Endocrinology, Tenth Edition. McGraw-Hill Education. 

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5.Professionalism and Ethics, Handbook for Residents, Practical guide, Prof. James Ware, Dr. Abdulaziz Fahad Alkaabba, Dr. Ghaiath MA Hussein, Prof. Omar Hasan Kasule, SCFHS, Latest Edition.

6.Essentials of Patient Safety, SCHS, Latest Edition.