Emirates a380 first class review :suite price,seatmap,bar,shower&more


Emirates a380 first class is undoubtedly a perfect venue for luxury lovers. If you want to fly high and experience the adventure, then Emirates a380 first class is well suited to satisfy your cravings.Emirates a380 first class review :suite price,seatmap,bar,shower&more

The opulent suites, impeccable services, friendly hospitality, high-class food and appetizing beverages are the attention-drawing elements of Emirates a380 first class. However, the first class is located on the upper deck at frontal part.


The boarding on Emirates a380 is quite expensive. In fact even the shortest route from Jeddah to Dubai costs about 9,070 UAE Dirhams ($2,470). Similarly, cost ascends with route distance.

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The a380 first class suite

Each cabin is highly spacious and fairly large featuring 14 seats in 1-2-1 arrangement. The window seats are two sided four in a row where one can enjoy the wonderful sleep under the stars and that looks truly marvelous. And the seats in the center are completely ideal for couples.Emirates a380 first class review :suite price,seatmap,bar,shower&more

Though there are no overhead bins, but the plenty of space available in each seat cum suite allow you to keep even heavy carrying bags and luggages. Both touchscreen and button-oriented seats are available along with touchscreen lamps making the suite more awesome.

The design of the whole suite is shiny and luxurious with the conveniences of high branded cosmetics (Byredo skincare collection) as well as excellent writing materials.


The cozy and organised bed and bedding materials, a mini personal bar containing water and soft drinks, large screen, beautiful orchids, power plug convenience near the right armrest, and personal air nozzles make the suite more comfortable and grand.

Exclusive meals

Emirates a380 first class review :suite price,seatmap,bar,shower&more

The passengers are offered almost every exclusive and finest meals and beverages around the globe. Seven-course meals are served on Royal Doulton China reflecting local cuisine based on different routes.

Refreshing shower

The classy shower is a marvelous piece of example of the grandeur of Emirates A380 first class. In fact, these showers As a passenger, you will feel refreshed experiencing a cool shower after some hectic moments. However, the shower is controlled by timer and each passenger is allotted with five minutes.

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The lavatory is also pretty large and fully furnished with heated floors and plushed towels. The temperature is pleasantly warm having sufficient pressure.

The a380 cocktail bar

The classy bar with perfect ambience having soft mood lightings, tempting array of canapes, bar height tables, large screen TV, refreshment shelves, etc.

and appetizing snack menu. Basically, the bar and lounge area of this Airbus is located at the rear side of the upper deck behind the business class and is accessible to all Emirates first class and business class passengers.


At the top of the forward staircase, just outside the spa, present perfectly ambient spa. You can go, relax and experience the royal spa at any hour you want.


First class Amenities’ kit and trousers

The passengers are also provided dark-colored trousers and amenity kit which include a nice razor and shaving cream, socks, eyeshades, toothbrush, comb, tissues, glasses case, and Bulgari toiletries.