Emirates a380 business class review: luxury,seat map,meals,bar & more


If you are flying with the Emirates A380 Business Class for around $5000(a 14-hour flight from Dubai to New York will cost you $5400), you probably are already all excited and pumped up for this thrilling experience.

Emirates is synonymous with all things fancy and luxurious. The airline has cultivated a rich array of amenities, from food and wine to seating arrangements that set it a class apart from its counterparts.Emirates a380 first class review :suite price,seatmap,bar,shower&more

Read on to know all about the various arrangements Emirates has in place in order to make your flight experience memorable, comfortable, and truly luxurious:

Luxury starts even before you board the flight

The check-in process has been made quite easy and hassles free for business class flyers with Emirates. Emirates provides chauffeur services in the fanciest and spacious cars, in more than 70 cities.

Do book them at least two days in advance. Passengers will find the whole process finished in the matter of a few minutes. You will also be able to enjoy some time relaxing and eating great food while you wait to board your flight, in the special lounge.

Enjoy your snacks and wines

Aboard the Emirates A380 business class seats, passengers get to enjoy a bevy of interesting little snacks and of course, great wine.

Passengers can be assured of an endless supply of Moët. Some of the wines you can treat yourself to are very exclusive, so much so that they are only available inflight. There is a bar that you can make the best of as well.Emirates a380 business class review: luxury,seat map,meals,bar & more

It includes a wide array of drinks and beverages, not to mention savory items up for grabs. The lounge is just a little stroll away from the seats.

Enjoy some great meals

Once the passengers are seated, they get a tray of appetizers and wine. Apart from the numerous snacks and delectable bites that passengers are given every now and then on the flight, there is also, of course, a full menu in place too.


From breakfast to lunch and dinner, Emirates covers it all. You will get to choose from three starters and three main courses.Emirates a380 business class review: luxury,seat map,meals,bar & more

Emirates is always thoughtful – a local dish from your place of destination will also be included.Emirates_Business_class_meal

Menu items when flying from New York can include eggs Florentine, Bangalore chicken, cheese boards, waffles, etc. Each item is made professionally and you can taste the goodness of each ingredient used.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements

When you are flying for more than a day, sleep becomes very important. Emirates understands that because they have a whole set of incredibly comfortable and cozy services in place that will let you sleep as if you were right back in your own bed.

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They have mood lighting in place that prepares passengers for sleeping, waking up, dinner time, etc. They have seats that seamlessly turn flat into a soft bed and you get enough leg space to spread out comfortably and drift off to sleep.

Seating arrangements

They have the best spacious yet compact Emirates A380 business class seating arrangements. The aura that the gold and walnut decor emanates is truly unforgettable.

The seats’ dimensions are 48″ pitch and width of 18.5″. You will notice that the seats offer varying levels of privacy and space depending upon where they are located and how close to the window or cabin they are, etc. Hence, couples and individuals flying can choose accordingly.

If you wish to avoid foot traffic, you can book the seats that are in the front part of the cabin. But do not go too forward, as you might experience noise from first-class there. In short, anywhere from rows, 9 to 16 would be perfect.

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Each seat has a minibar replete with soda, sparkling/still water, eyeshade, socks, etc. Seats are equipped with power outlets and Wi-Fi connections to facilitate easy working conditions.


Entertainment options so high in the sky

Emirates takes in-flight entertainment very seriously. That is why you get a 23-inch touchscreen television! They have the ice system which offers passengers thousands of options to while away the time. 

You can watch all the latest movies on it with just a click (or touch) of a button. Even live sports matches can be streamed on ice. Passengers are also given amenity kits that include lotions, tissues, and stickers that tell the staff whether or not to wake you up.