Dubai Miracle Garden: entry timings,ticket fees & attractions you will enjoy

If you are a travel bug, surely Dubai must be on your bucket list. Well, if it is, then the Dubai Miracle Garden must be too.


As the name suggests, it is a garden of floral miracles and wonders. Every turn of your eyes and you are met with a splash of nature and colors.Dubai Miracle Garden: entry timings,ticket fees & attractions you will enjoy

Various kinds of layouts, sculptures, attractions all made up with different kinds of flowers and color themes – the Dubai Miracle Garden is an absolute ‘must’.

Where is the Dubai Miracle Garden?

The Dubai Miracle Garden was aptly opened in the year of 2013 on Valentine’s Day and has been a major attraction ever since.

It is located in the area of Al Barsha South. If you are situated somewhere close by you, can take a taxi. Else, it is suggested that you take the metro till the Mall of Emirates and then bus route 105 or a taxi from there.

It works out quite cheap too. If you are a tourist you could even think about the hop on/hop off buses. That way you get to cover all places in Dubai too.

Location gmaps:


How much do the tickets cost?

The ticket prices are also quite reasonable and wouldn’t put a dent in your wallet. For adults above 12 years of age the price is 50 AED, for children below 12 years it is 40 AED and for kids below 2 years as well as for the disabled the entry is free.

What is the best time to visit?

We do suggest that you make a visit during the winter as that is when you get to see beautiful flowers and displays. Plus the park is closed in the summer in preparation for the next season.

Current and Upcoming attractions

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a must visit with various attractions and entertainment for tourists as well as residents. Sculptures, houses, pathways, lakes, pyramids are just some of the beauties to keep an eye out for.Dubai Miracle Garden: entry timings,ticket fees & attractions you will enjoy

Besides this, there are also live shows every week, music, dance, parades and a fun trampoline for children to enjoy and bounce around on. There is also a complete fun time with Zumba for families coming soon.

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For the upcoming season, the tiny Mickey fans would be benefited as a Disney Avenue complete with Disney style houses and attractions is in the works. Well, they already do have a large 18m Mickey and a cute but large 12m teddy bear.

There are some attractions that should not be missed – like the ‘Lost paradise’ which is literally a floral city in the undergrounds and can bring only peace and tranquility.Dubai Miracle Garden: entry timings,ticket fees & attractions you will enjoy

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The large structure of an Emirates plane is surely something you have heard about. After all, it was featured in the Guinness book of records for being the largest flower arrangement of an Airbus 380.


The attractions are too many to be mentioned. From cabanas where you can sit down and just relax, to hill top attractions for the health buffs, to heart shaped or butterfly pathways for the romantic, to castles and 3D attractions for children; you have something for just about everyone. So please do keep this in mind and visit the Dubai Miracle Garden when you come to Dubai next.