Dubai creek tower:A virtual check with in to the future’s tallest iconic tower


Dubai Creek Tower is an exceptionally wonderful skyscraper. According to the developer EMAAR, it is said to attain a height of 1300 meter above the ground tearing the clouds .

The elegant and picturesque view of such a high tower is just an awesome treat to the eyes.

Literally speaking, Dubai creek tower is a high observation tower under construction in Dubai with a preliminary investment of AED 3.67 billion.


Basically, this tower is located eight kilometers away from the 823-meter high Burj Khalifa and nearer to Ras Al Khour National Wildlife Sanctuary. It was launched in October, 2016 by the ruler of Dubai —Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


Being situated at the heart of the eponymous waterfront area of the Dubai Creek Harbour, it can mesmerizingly present a hilarious view and unconditionally drags the attention of the visitors .However, initially the tower was called The tower at Dubai Creek Harbour .

It is expected to be completed in the year 2020. Eventually, Dubai Creek Tower will stand robustly as the tallest building in the world in future.


The tower is being designed by Santiago Calatrava, one of the most reputed architect around the globe.


The design’s inspiration is taken by a lily desert flower and thus, resembles like a flower’s thin stem. And the magnificance of the tower is increased outstandingly when accompanied with cable arrays.

These cable arrays offers an excellent appearance as well as provides support to the 1000+ meters huge infrastructure , that is, the Dubai Creek Tower. These arrays are attached to the anchor points to let the structure stand erect forever.

At the top of the tower, there is a bud shaped oval structure and is comprised of multiple floors. One can easily get a 360° spectacular observation decks from here. Moreover, the topmost part act as beacon and will emit radiant light during the night.

The architecture also includes the Minaret which is a pious and prominent Islamic architectural symbol. Minaret is considered as the integral part of a mosque’s structure.

When it comes to interior designing, the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon are the inspirational elements.

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Firstly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is efficiently constructing the marvelous Jeddah tower, a lofty skyscraper and its construction will also complete within 2020. And Dubai doesn’t wants to lose its position in constructing the highest buildings and towers or simply, skyscrapers. Thus ,to beat the competition, Dubai wants to raise the outstanding Dubai Creek Tower.

Secondly, an expo will take place in Dubai in 2020 and tourists will come from the different nooks and corners of the world.

Thus, it will be a great opportunity for it to showcase the tower. This will eventually enhance the tourism industry of this luxurious city.

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Progress and development

For constructing any robust structure, the base must be strong. And this Creek tower has 235 feet deep foundation pile which is the most remarkable step here.
The work is progressing faster than the expectation. In, fact the pile cap has been completed two months before the scheduled date and before pouring 50,000 cubic meters into it.


With approaching time, we expect more progressive updates regarding the construction. Thus, it’s worth saying that the project is promising and productive in strengthening the roots of Dubai in the tourism fraternity.