Dubai police app services list explained


Dubai Police application is an official application of the Dubai police to stay connected with the public or citizens of Dubai. The application has drive mode and police station mode to enhance the user experience of the application and to keep the city safe.

Let us have a look at the various features of the application:

Drive Mode

The motive of the drive mode is to make the driving experience of people faster and safe in Dubai. You can continuously track the status of traffic and also check the various incidents or the latest news about the traffic.


This feature is one of the most useful features of the application. It allows you to directly send a message to the department in the case of an emergency. This ensures the safety of people, especially women and kids, in case any kind of emergency.

Police Eye

If you experience any kind of suspicious activity at any place and at any time, then you can report it with the details and anonymity. This is a quick mode to inform the department and to prevent any miss-happening from occurring.


My Map

A digital map is a partner of people to know the various ways, traffic status, important location like police stations, ATM machines and many more. This feature will become your amazing guide in case of confusion and loss.

Report traffic incidents

It takes just 3 minutes to report a traffic incident. Make a report if you see anyone violating the rules and contribute to maintaining law and order in the country.

Business Mode

According to Dubai employment rule, it is necessary for all the organizations to verify their employee’s identity to avoid frauds and other miss happenings. Employee verification is not an easy task with the help of Dubai police. Now you can apply for more than one employee at one time. This mode of the application saves the time of the organizations as well as the police department.

Smart Reporting Camera

This is a feature which will help you to make your reports easy and efficiently. All you need to do is just click the pictures of the incident and send us. We will take necessary actions immediately. This camera is efficient to communicate to the police department directly, and the officials are capable of taking actions on the various suspicious activities reported by users.


This is a way to access your own record. You need to sign in to your MYID, and you can check all your information like your name, police record, and many more. You can also edit the various details in your profile like your profile picture, address, etc.

Activity Feed

The activity feed is a timeline where you can track all your transactions and reports on the application. The activity feed is important for the users to know which are the various complaints they file and what are the many actions taken by the department on the various activities.


How download dubai police app?

For android users download>HERE<

For iOS users download >HERE<