Covid Vaccine For Children Under The Age Of 12 To Be Released Soon

According to Ministry of Health authorities, children under the age of 12 will soon be able to get the Pfizer vaccination.


Officials promised that the child vaccination will take place soon, since research is ongoing in this area.

pfizer vaccination for kids

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration obtained promising findings for administering vaccinations to kids at lower doses.

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The government recently announced a booster dose for adults above the age of 18.


During the initial phase, high-risk groups such as organ transplant recipients, chronic renal disease patients, and health workers received the third dose of vaccine.

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Saudi Arabia has made significant contributions to the control of coronavirus outbreaks.




The number of covid-19 cases throughout the kingdom has fallen below 50, and according to government data, more than 45 million doses have been administered since the start of vaccination.