Copthorne Hotel Dubai review: Enjoy your stay in Dubai

Copthorne hotel Dubai has been one of the favourite hotels for travellers across the globe because of the luxury and comfort it offers.


When you visit a new place it is not just the attractions or the destinations that would make your stay an amazing one, it is also about the place where you book your stay makes it all the more meaningful and rejoicing.Copthorne Hotel Dubai pool view

Dubai, the land of Sheiks has a lot to offer in terms of lavishness and luxury and the Copthorne Hotel in Dubai is a classic example of this.

Booking a stay in this hotel would make you go gaga over the place because the hotel has everything that every customer would be looking for.

All about Copthorne hotel Dubai

Copthorne hotel has a ravishing beauty and the kind of amenities it provides to the guests is unbeatable.

This hotel is just not luxurious by the appearance it is mainly because of the people who would make your stay a special one there. 

Booking your room a hotel like this would always make your stay not just relaxed but a memorable one too. 

Location of the hotel

The location of the Copthorne hotel Dubai deira is very close to the International Airport of Dubai and is easily accessible through cabs and taxis.

Also, when you have a stay booked in this hotel you can easily take a stroll around the city and enjoy the nightlife of the place when you are free in the evenings.

There are a lot of destinations, attractions and shopping malls that you can visit when you are in Dubai and these things would become extremely easy when you are staying in the Copthorne hotel Dubai.The address can be found on their official website.

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Not just for leisure

This hotel is not just for people seeking leisure, it is also one of the best business boutique hotels in and around Dubai.

The spacious conference rooms, the boardrooms and the technology that is available in this hotel can probably not be available anywhere else. 

Hence, this makes this hotel one of the best business hotels for people to host their business meeting as well.Copthorne Hotel Dubai terrace

Along with the spacious rooms the cutting edge technology used in terms of the telephones or the projectors is probably one of the best of its kind.

The room can easily accommodate 60 guests at once which is a good thing to happen. 

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Conducting meetings at once to all would rather be an easy thing than running the same session over and over.

Hence, when you are in the Copthorne hotel Dubai you can make sure to curb this issue.

Amazing dining area

You do not have to step out for anything because there is a café that would offer delicious snacks and quick-bites. 

Along with this, they have a plethora of delicacies on the menu listed to satiate everyone’s taste-buds. So, being here would also help you go on a gastronomical tour as well without actually stepping out. 

You can get loyalty points

When you book your stay in the Copthorne hotel Dubai you would accumulate a lot of loyalty points as well.

Getting loyalty points would be extremely beneficial because when you book your stay at these hotels, the loyalty points would add up to the pricing resulting in a huge concession on the overall booking price.

So, isn’t this pretty beneficial? When you can get to stay in the most comfortable places with all the luxuries attached at a reasonable cost would be a superb thing isn’t it? 

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Different kinds of rooms

There are different kinds of suites and rooms that are available in the Copthorne hotel Dubai.

The rooms are classified into Superior city view, deluxe suite city view, deluxe suite creek view and executive rooms.

You could always choose to book the rooms according to your requirement. Every room is well-lit, proper ventilation, a great ambiance and a lovely Copthorne hotel Dubai city tour to offer.Copthorne Hotel Dubai reception

Every room makes the stay worthwhile and especially if you are with your families, they would certainly enjoy their stay here and remember it forever.

Also, all the rooms have a private dining area where you could possibly sit all day long enjoying the lovely panoramic view of the city with a cup of coffee and a book.

Well, along with this dining with your loved one in your private dining hall isn’t all that a bad idea isn’t it? So, you can always get to enjoy both your solitude and some lovey-dovey time with your partners.

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Swimming pool for kids

Well, if you love your kids a little too much and want them to experience some real luxury, booking rooms in this hotel can be one of the best things to do because there is a special kids swimming pool where your kids can enjoy really well.Copthorne Hotel Dubai swimming pool

If your kids are novice in swimming yet, you do not have to worry because these pools aren’t deep yet; it gives them a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment when they are in there.


The hotel also has gyms with well-maintained work-out machines and equipment that would help you to stick to your routine of fitness even when you are out on leisure or a business trip.

Well, staying healthy is not a want; it is a need and with the hotels like these around, you might not have to compromise on your fitness goals even for a day.

After an amazing work-out, you could always choose to go to the spa for a rejuvenating body massage.


Well, a hotel room isn’t just about the comfortable beds and lovely wall-hangings it is also about the faucets and the showers in the bathroom.

It is also about the lovely ambiance, the ventilation and the Copthorne hotel Dubai bar that the hotel offers.

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Along with all these things, the staff members and their hospitality also add to the experience of the overall stay.

Hence, looking at all these things don’t you think you should certainly choose your stay in the lovely Copthorne hotel Dubai?