How to check Saudi Prometric exam result fast(2023)

If you have recently taken the Saudi Prometric Exam and are wondering how to check your results, you have come to the right place.


The Saudi Prometric Exam is a vital step in many professions’ licensing process in Saudi Arabia, and it is crucial to know how to access your exam results.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking your Saudi Prometric Exam results on the Prometric website.

You can easily check your Saudi Prometric exam(SMLE) result online through scfhs website.(Updated:2023)

Following are the steps:
1.Visit the link:

Saudi Prometric exam result


2. You will see two columns. You need to enter your eligibility id as well as first 4 initials of your last name.The same details that were given in Prometric must be entered.

how to check saudi prometric exam result
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3.Click on search button.

4.Soon a window will appear that will shows a statement report.

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how to check saudi prometric exam result

5.Click on it to download your SMLE Prometric exam result.


You will be able to download it in PDF format. It will shows the details like how much you scored, what will be the past score, final result etc.