Check Saudi Commission Registration Card Validity Online

If you are a working medical practitioner inside Saudi Arabia you may need to check Saudi council card validity sometime. You can check the validity of Saudi Commission Registration Card online via the Scfhs official website.


How To Check Saudi Commission Registration Card Validity Online
Following are the steps to check validity of Saudi council card online.

    1. Go to the Saudi Commission for health specialties website-

  1. Enter Saudi council registration card number and number code, press to check saudi council card validity
  2. It will show details like the name of the candidate, specialty of candidate and validity of Saudi Commission card.

how to check saudi council card validityAny medical practitioner who wishes to practice inside Saudi Arabia must pass Saudi licensing exam. After that, they need to classify and register under Saudi Commission for health specialties.


After that, a Registration card and professional accreditation certificate will be issued for each practitioner. Its possible to renew Saudi council card through the mumaris account.

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