Vaccination schedule and cost in Saudi Arabia

This post is all about the latest Saudi vaccination schedule, vaccination cost inside Saudi Arabia, information regarding getting an appointment from MOH etc.


Many expatriates are living in Saudi Arabia with their families. Many of them are searching for information regarding vaccination for their baby.

If you are living inside Saudi Arabia government is giving free vaccination for all children including expatriate families.

Why vaccination is so important for your child?

Vaccines are so important for your baby in order to protect from various preventable diseases that can harm child health. Some diseases are deadly serious and some can cause disabilities also.Saudi vaccination schedule vaccination cost inside Saudi Arabia

So it is very important to vaccinate your baby. In order to get admissions in schools, the child needs to be immunized under the latest Saudi vaccination schedule.

How to get a vaccination appointment for your baby in Saudi Arabia?

You can take appointment from the nearest MOH primary health Centre through Mawid app.VACCINATION-SCHEDULE-IN-SAUDI

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Can I continue the routine vaccination from Saudi Arabia?

You can continue the vaccination inside Saudi Arabia. Get an appointment from the primary health Centre nearby they will give you vaccination card as per the latest Saudi immunization schedule. The vaccination schedule will be different in Saudi Arabia as compared to India. Generally, if you stay in any country you need to follow their vaccination card.

Which one is the latest vaccination schedule in Saudi Arabia in 2018?

The latest version of the vaccination schedule in Saudi Arabia known as the national immunization schedule. It is as shown below.saudi baby vaccination schedule

Which one is the Vaccination certificate or Vaccination card in Saudi Arabia?

Latest vaccination certificate as shown below.


Vaccination schedule in Sa

vaciination Schedule in saudi

Can I go to polyclinics and hospitals to get vaccination?

You can visit your nearest polyclinics and hospitals, you will get vaccination for your baby. You need to pay cash or under insurance by consulting a pediatrician.

How much is the vaccination cost in Saudi Arabia?

If you are getting vaccination from MOH, it will be free of cost. If you are willing to pay cash generally vaccination cost will be high inside Saudi Arabia. In insurance, you need to pay the copayment according to the class of your insurance company.

How much is the cost of each vaccine in Saudi Arabia?

Under Saudi vaccination schedule child need to vaccinate in two months, four months, six months with Infanrix-hexa.

1.For that Infanrix-hexa(DTaP-IPV-HepB/Hib) given. It Protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib). The cost will be around 368 Saudi riyals.

2.Rotavirus vaccines can cost you around 473 Saudi riyals.

3.measles:158 riyals

4.meningococcal vaccine:315 riyals(hajj vaccination cost)

5.Chicken Pox vaccination:210 riyals

6.MMR vaccination:158 riyals

7.hepatitis B vaccination:116 riyals


8. Hepatitis A vaccination:263 riyals

* Price can vary with different brands and hospitals.

If you have any queries regarding vaccination in Saudi Arabia ask in comment section thank you.