How to remove password from dataflow pdf for uploading in mumaris plus

“Unlock data flow pdf in a faster way”


how to remove password from your data flow pdf

Why you need to remove password from your data flow pdf?

Soon after verification, dataflow will send you a pdf file which is known as dataflow verification report.

After opening it you will notice that you need to enter a password. The password will be your date of birth.

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In order to upload in to mumaris plus you need to unlock dataflow PDF.

Previously many practitioners uploaded original data flow PDF. Later SCFHS will send to them a  ‘missing card’ saying that you need to upload unlocked version.For that you need to remove password from dataflow file.


This guide will help you how to unlock your data flow PDF in a faster way.

1.Go to the website :

2.In the middle of the page you can see an option,drop the PDF here or choose the file.

3.Upload the original dataflow PDF(locked version).

4.Click on unlock PDF, It will ask your password.

5.Type your password and you will be able to download the unlocked version of dataflow in PDF format.

Rename it and you can upload in mumaris plus.


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