Schools Temporarily Closed in Saudi Arabia in Fear of Corona Spread

Saudi press agency confirmed on Sunday, mentioning the Ministry of education, and stating that Schools and the educational institution remains shut off across Saudi from Monday until the further announcement, as a serious precautionary step. Only to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus and keep students along with staff secured.


“It was confirmed about the temporary suspending of studies in all religion of the Kingdom from Monday, March 9 until any further notice provided. This decision covers all public along with private school, educational institution, private and public technical training centers” said the ministry in a statement by SPA. 

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Earlier on Monday morning, the ministry of Interior prevent access to the Qatif region, in a way to control the spread of coronavirus after the news of the outbreak of the disease that infected about 11 people in the Kingdom, from Qatif. 

While, the ministry of education also discussed virtual school and distance learning education to activate, until the schools are closed, so the educational process doesn’t affect the studies of students by any means. In order to maintain the quality and flow, “the decision to suspend educational studies were taken to prevent be acted a preventative measure, which is recommended by health authorities in the kingdom. 


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This is part of the contribution that contains prevention from the spread of the diseases, and to protect the health, ensure the safety of the citizen’s students, as well as the administrative staff, public & university educational” this was an added statement. 

The ministry also stated that the concerned committee made a decision to follow the development of coronavirus by taking precautionary measures. Supervision offices will start working during the suspended period to follow up on the educational process, and with that, coordinate with distance learning education and respond to the queries of the parents if any.  

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The functioning of this virtual learning program will ensure that, during the suspended period of time, the distance learning school platform will take all methods to make education easier and smooth for students. With the use of (, make use of the digital enrichment material, through the site. And one can get access to the site and application in the Apple & Android store which is named as “standard education system” .

Lesson for different level of education will be accessed to the students through the Ain channel. Which will be aired on Arabsat frequency 12437 and vertically through 14 other TV channels along with the YouTube links:


Along with that, it has also been added and decided by the ministry, that technical university, vocation training center & corporation and the National centers for E-learning should have to complete and meet the distance education requirement, this is applicable for all male and female students.