Saudi Arabia declared 4 new coronavirus cases, now travel ban to 15 countries

On Monday, Saudi officials  announced the discovery of 4 additional coronavirus cases. And also, that it is suspending traveling through sea & air between the Kingdom including 15 other countries to stop the spread of this deadly disease. 


It is confirmed by the Saudi Ministry of Health that the new cases include Saudi national, American & 2 Bahrain citizens. 

Earlier, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) addressed that authorities took a step forward in suspending travel for Saudi citizens along with foreign residents to UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria, Italy, Iran,Iraq, South Korea, Egypt & Lebanon. Later added Oman,France,Germany,Turkey and Spain.

People traveling to these countries, or anyone who has visited the country in the past 14 days shall be banned to enter the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia corona

With the latest 4 discoveries in the case in the Kingdom, it adds to the total of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 15. Previous Sunday, health ministry announced the confirmation of 4 cases of the fast-spreading diseases in Qatif, which rose a total of about 11 cases. 

A statement by the Saudi Health Ministry said, the first case was a Saudi citizen, who is now isolated in a hospital relates to the previous case in Qatif. Second & 3rd patients are women from Bahrain who were coming from Iraq on their way to Bahrain, where both got isolated in a hospital in Qatif. 

After that, ministry spoke about the 4th case that involved a citizen of UK national, returning to the kingdom after travel and passed through Italy & the Philippines before reaching the Kingdom. They were directly transferred to a hospital set up isolation in Riyadh. 


Saudi has taken a serious ban on the nine countries, which is the latest series of measurable steps taken by the Kingdom to prevent the serious spread of COVID-19. Which is the code name of the Coronavirus originated from in the city of Wuhan China.Kingdom has strictly suspended traveling to & fro China last month.

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On Sunday, Kingdom stopped the entry of travellers by land from Bahrain, UAE & Kuwait. Only commercial vehicles could enter the area, and people traveling into Saudi from these specific countries were told to board flights through 3 airports only. Those were in Riyadh, Jeddah & Dammam, after being checked by health authorities. 

Also, Saudi General Entertainment Authority talked about the closure of tourist spots like Riyadh wonderland & Riyadh Boulevard due to the serious coronavirus concern, says Al Ekhbariya TV reported.

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Not just that, even the ministry of education announced school & educational institutions to be shut off as a part of the measure recommended by health authorities. All this is designed for the safety of students and staff until the virus complications get under control anytime soon. This particular decision was imposed on all educational institutions regardless of being public or private school, training sector & technical institution as well. 


All Quranic and education activities are also temporarily suspended. 

This month, the ministry of Interior talk about the limit movements in the vicinity of Qatif, to prevent an infected person who, belonging to the area, from spreading the disease.