Scfhs extended the professional registration period for all health care practitioners

The saudi commission for health specialities has made two significant statements this week to all health practitioners around the kingdom.


It is part of the ”Gratitude” campaign, “we are grateful” to support health professionals who are trying their utmost to battle against covid-19 pandemic.

professional-registration mumaris plus

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1.Extension of the professional registration period

Scfhs will soon extend the professional registration period of all health care practitioners,whose registration expires in april,may,june,july 2020.


The new expiry date will eventually be august 1,2020.(Check mumaris plus for status).

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2.Accepting current cme hours

Another announcement is scfhs will soon accept the current cme hours acquired by the practitioners,for their profession re registration between april 1 ,2020 & december 31,2020,waiving additional cme hours requirement.