Saudi Arabia started an attempt to establish a U.S. Military base at Al-Kharj


Saudi arabia started an effort to establish a U.S. Military base in Al-kharj close to Riyadh.Chief of the United States Central Command, Kenneth Mackenzie, reached Al-kharj and visited the region.Saudi arabia started an effort to establish a U.S. Military base in Al-kharj-minAfter 15 years, the US military returns to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi captain said the Red Sea vessels would be joined by Saudi.

The United States is trying to establish a global naval alliance. Saudi Arabia expressed its assistance for this. Saudi will also provide safety for oil vessels passing through the Red Sea region of Hormuz. Saudi Fleet Commander-General Fahad bin Turkey said.

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The move of the U.S. military to Saudi is a step forward. The return of the U.S. military from Saudi Arabia during the Iraq war was in 2003. That implies 15 years after the return of U.S. soldiers to the nation.

U.S. Central Command Chief Kenneth Mackenzie arrived in Riyadh ahead of this. He toured the US-prepared base near Al-Kharj’s Saudi military base. Next week more officials will arrive.


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